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CE 664A: Physicochemical Principles and Processes
Semester 2020-21-I
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Abhas Singh
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: FB306
Tel.: 7665
Discussion Hour: Wed, 03:00 - 04:00 PM

Section Room No. Name Dept E-mail Tel Office Office Hours
1 T103 Arghya Das CE 6978 FB304 THU, 06:30-07:30 PM
2 T104 Pradhi Rajeev CE 8004040013 APTL lab, CESE WED, 05:00-06:00 PM
3 T105 Anamika Maurya ChE 9455185035 NL-II,Lab: 203A WED, 04:00-05:00 PM
4 T106 Mohammad Khalid ChE 9410200993 NL-II, Lab: 205 THU, 03:00-04:00 PM
5 T107 Soukat Kumar Das CE 7881104501 WLE 201D WED, 06:00-07:00 PM
6 T108 Abhishek Savarnya CE 9198962206 TE Lab, CE, Rm#2 THU, 04:00-05:00 PM
7 T109 Rahul Yadav ME 9003108181 CFD Lab, ME, 311 WED, 03:00-04:00 PM
8 T110 Siva Krishna ChE 9490641049 NL-2, 201 TUE, 05:00-06:00 PM
9 T111 Arshad Afzal ME 8795994470 Old SAC, 202 FRI, 05:00-06:00 PM
10 T112 Kunal Ghosh CE 9621103323 NAF IIFlr Stdt Off, 202 FRI, 05:00-06:00 PM

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In-class Problems:
Occasionally problems will be discussed on the central theme in class. After being told of the steps to do these problems, students will be expected to complete and turn in these problems for evaluation. It is recommended to carry a notebook or loose sheets for solving problems in class. Academic Integrity:
All students are expected to adhere to high standards of academic integrity of IIT Kanpur. If you have any doubts or questions about the policies, please ask the instructor.