Dr. Ashish Dutta

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Dr. Ashish Dutta
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Office: Computer Centre 105 / Faculty Building 338
Phone:91-512-7562 (Off.), 2598710 (Res)
Research Associate: Biswanath Panda, Anupam Sana
Affiliated Center(s):
 Centre for Mechatronics

Research Interests

Humanoid Robotics: Optimal trajectory planning and design of new energy efficient bipeds using soft sole and springs at the joint.

Intelligent Control Systems: Design, development and optimal control of multi agents systems using the least number of agents. Vision based capture of deforming objects.

Micro-sensors and actuators: Development of sensors for vibration suppression, robot human cooperation, slip detection etc.

Bio-robotics: Optimal design of a finger exoskeleton based on human motion data for rehabilitation of stroke patients and its control using human EMG/EEG signals.

IPMC based Assembly: Design, analysis and experimentation of a compliant IPMC micro gripper for peg-in-hole assembly using a SCARA robot.