Group Members


Current Ph.D. students


Manish Kumar Singh

Animesh Pandey

Saptarshi Paul


Mainak Majumdar

Graduated Ph.D. students

Digendranath Swain: Biomechanical growth in bodies with incoherent interfaces (2018, presently at ISRO)

Ayan Roychowdhury: Geometry of defects in structured surfaces (2017, presently post-doc at NCBS, Bangalore)

Mousumi Mukherjee: Instability and rate dependency in mechanical behavior of sand (2016, Jointly with Amit Prashant, presently Assistant Professor at IIT Mandi)

Anup Basak: Kinetics of incoherent interfaces in crystalline solids (2015, Assistant Professor at IIT Tirupati)

Graduated M.Tech./M.S. students

Vishal Sharma (MS 2018): Vibroacoustics of bifacial Indian musical drums. (jointly with Shakti Singh Gupta)

Romil Kadia (MTech 2018): Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Dislocations, Disclinations and Grain Boundaries in Graphene. (jointly with Shakti Singh Gupta)

Tushar Joshi (MTech 2018): Shape evolution of precipitates with anisotropic interfacial energies.

Saim Khan (MS 2017): Thermoplastic Analysis of Ballooning in Thin-Walled Tubes.

Kevin Jose (BTech-MTech dual 2017): Vibration of circular membranes backed by taut strings. (jointly with Saikat Ghosh, Pursuing PhD at NYU)

Rahul Pisharody (BTech-MTech dual 2017): Experimental investigations on the acoustics of Tanpura.

Saumya Saxena (BTech-MTech dual 2015): Numerical investigation of Indian plucked musical instruments.

Ravikant Madhav (MTech 2015): Instability of Elastic-Viscoplastic Thin Walled Tubes under Internal Pressure.

Paras Nath Verma (MTech 2015): A Numerical Framework to study Elasto-plastic Waves in Solid. (Presently working as a scientist in DRDO)

Jaspreet Singh (BTech-MTech dual 2015): Finite Element Study of Elastic Rods under Thermal Loading. (Pursuing PhD at U Penn)

Nobal Kishore Dhruv (BTech-MTech dual 2014): Strain localization using an implicit gradient based damage-plasticity theory.

Rajat Arora (BTech-MTech dual 2014): Shape Evolution of Precipitates using Extended Finite Element Method Coupled with Level Set Method. (Pursuing PhD at CMU)

Krishanu Sen (MTech 2014): Plastic instability analysis of internally pressurized thin tubes. (Pursuing PhD at Univ. Minnesota)

Bitanu Roy (MTech 2013): Effect of air loading on the acoustical properties of Indian musical drums.

Saurabh Dixit (BTech-MTech dual 2010): Applications of surface elasticity (Jointly with Sumit Basu).

Prosun Biswas (MTech 2010): Strain gradient plasticity in the context of wire torsion problem.

Ramanuj Bhattacharya (MTech 2010): Dislocation dynamics with finite plastic distortion.