Highly deformable, soft elastic, viscoelastic and poro-elastic materials occur in many different fields of research, e.g. adhesives,therapeutic patches, shock absorbers, dampeners, platforms for micro-fluidic devices, biomaterials, prosthetic devices, in biology as soft tissues, stems, roots and leaves, sponges, cartilage layers and in cutting-edge research fields like soft robotics, wearable electronics, conforming interfaces for biological surfaces and so on. In these variety of applications these materials are subjected to many different forms of mechanical loads, e.g. tension, compression, torsion, bending; apart from surface traction, these materials are subjected to also different body forces, e.g. electric and magnetic field. Due to the large deformability, their specific geometrical features and complex rheological character, these materials respond differently from that commonly observed with linear elastic materials. In our laboratory, we study these materials in the context of adhesion, friction, fracture and failure. Our works have led to the development of several technologies: a soft, bi-convex, aspherical optical lens for microscopy applications, a reusable paper for writing, drawing and printing over repeated applications, a washable sticky surface and a precipitant-less method for crystallization of protein molecules.

Recent Publications

  • Studying kinetics of a surface reaction using elastocapillary effect
  • Hierarchically Rough Surface used as Rewritable and Reprintable paper
  • Soft gel-filled composite adhesive for dry and wet adhesion
  • Effect of roughness on the conductivity of vacuum coated flexible paper electrodes
  • Liquid spreading induced by in-situ generation of metallic nano-particles
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  • Ghatak, A., Singh, N., Tewary, A. A process for dispersing metallic nanoparticles on a large surface, Indian Patent application number201811042159.
  • Ghatak, A., Singh, N., Reusable polymeric writing surface or media and process thereof, Indian Patent Application Number 201711015292.
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