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Highly deformable, soft elastic, viscoelastic and poroelastic materials occur in several natural and practical settings, e.g. soft tissues, artificial organs, therapeutic patches, shock absorbers, dampeners, platforms for micro-fluidic device, novel biomaterials, in biology as stems, roots and leaves, sponges, cartilage layers and bones and so on. In these variety of applications these materials are exposed to many different forms of mechanical loads, e.g. tension, compression, torsion, bending, which, due to large deformability of these materials and their complex rheological character, can generate such responses which are different from that commonly observed with the liner elastic systems. Importantly geometric features of these materials lead to many non-linear effects. For example change in geometry due to deformation alters their effective material properties, which in turn affects the deformation of these materials. In our laboratory we study such non-linear response in the context of adhesion, interfacial friction, fracture and locomotion. We explore also how by changing geometry, e.g. by introducing patterns at the surface or in the bulk of one can incorporate different functionality.




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Effect of sub-surface structures on Adhesion

Deformations induced by elasto-capillary effect

Method for estimating solid-liquid interfacial tension

Novel 2-phase and 3-phase flow patterns in multi-helical micro-channels

Method for generating nano-microscopic hierarchical patterns on soft surfaces

Kink instability in soft gel cylinders under bending

Fingering instability in confined elastomeric film

Nano-patterned surfaces with exceptionally large surface potential


Technologies Developed


Aspherical Optical Lenses

Reusable and Washable Adhesives

Heterogeneous Substrates for Protein Crystallization






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Animangsu Ghatak

Department of Chemical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, UP, India 208016

Email: aghatak[at]

Phone: 0091-512-259-7146





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