Audio Player's Cassette Deck Mechanism

Efforts on developing a machine which could record/produce sound started as early as in 1830 by Michael Faraday and in 1857 by Leon Scot.In 1856 an American scientist Rap Hadly surprised the whole world by somehow recording and reproducing sound.But the real credit goes to American scientist Sir Thomas Elva Edison who came up with his talking machine called "Phonogram" in 1878. In 1878 Emilaborlenar developed "disc's" to store sound.This further devoloped as gramaphone.In 1893 Danish engineer Waldimer Paulson came up with the Magnetic recording system to record sound successfully.His machine was known as "Telegraphone".Many such successful things came till 1957 when Stereo system was made available for the first time in the market.

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