A. K. Sharma
Professor of Sociology
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology

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Papers Presented in International Conferences and Seminars


Models in Population Studies, Invited lecture, 6th China India Japan Korea Mathematical Biology Colloquium Cum Conference (CIJKMBCC), under the aegis of IAMMS, IIT Kanpur, 23-26 August 2017. 

Researching Factors of Positive Living among the HIV Positive People, International Conference on Youth, Gender and HIV, 2014, Amity University, Lucknow, 12-13 August 2014 (jointly with Shikha Dixit).

Family size and Spousal Physical Violence against Women in India: Selection or Causation, Paper presented in Annual Meeting of Canadian Population Society, Glenridge Building A – 162, 29 May 2014 (jointly with Bali Ram, and Awdhesh Yadav).

Fertility Decline in Contemporary India: Increasing Role of the Marriage Institution, The 2nd APA Conference, Asian Population Association, Imperial Queens Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, 26 – 29 August 2012. 

Palliative Health Care in India: A Comparative Study of Clinic Based and Community Based Models in India, Poster included in International Palliative Care Network Poster Exhibition 2012, International Palliative Care Network Community, http://www.pcn-e.com/community/mod/file/download.php?file_guid=1453178 (jointly with T. Shukkoor).

Female Feticide in North India: Extent, Causes and Suggestions, Annual International Conference of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology (CBP 2012), Global Science and Technology Forum, Singapore, 13-14 Feb. 2012.

Socio-cultural Aspects of Palliative Care: A Study of Palliative Care Delivery in Kerala, poster presentation, 19th International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, 10-12 Feb. 2012 (jointly with T. Shukkoor).

Palliative Health Care in India: Some Observations, Seminar on Public Health Care in India and Canada, Canadian Studies Development Programme, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), 5-6 Feb. 2011 (jointly with T. Shukkoor).

 Social exclusion due to Stigma among People Suffering from TB: a study of Ladakh, India, International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society, University of California Berkeley, USA, 20-22 January 2011 (jointly with Sonal Mobar).

 Economy and sex determination: A Study of Sex Determination and Female Feticide in a Peri-urban Area of Northern India, International Conference on Demography, Culture and Marketing, 2010, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, 14-16 December, 2010 (jointly with Rohini Ghosh).

 Socio-ecology of Domestic Water Consumption in India: A Comparative Study of Scarcity and Contamination Regions, German Environmental Sociology Summit 2007, Leuphana University of Luneburg, Germany, 8-10 November 2007 (jointly with Pradip Swarnakar).

Redefining Vulnerabilities: A Study of Men having Sex with Men in the Wake of HIV Epidemic in Mumbai, India, 2007 Annual Meeting of Population Association of America, New York, 29-31 March 2007 (jointly with Ashish K. Mishra).

Deconstructing Sexuality and the Need for Developing an Institutional Mechanism to Redress Problems Faced by Men Having Sex with Men, poster presentation in International Conference on Emerging Issues in the Asia Pacific Region: Challenges for the 21st Century, International Institute for Population Sciences, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, 10-13 December 2006 (jointly with Ashish K. Mishra and S. K. Singh).

Understanding Environmental Concern: A Study Using New Environmental Paradigm Scale, International Conference on Emerging Issues in the Asia Pacific Region: Challenges for the 21st Century, International Institute for Population Sciences, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, 10-13 December 2006 (jointly with Pradip Swarnakar).

Social Representations of HIV/AIDS: A Study of Adolescents and Young Adults in Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh, International Conference on Emerging Issues in the Asia Pacific Region: Challenges for the 21st Century, International Institute for Population Sciences, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, 10-13 December 2006 (jointly with Rita Singh and Ashish K. Mishra).

Understanding Environmental Concerns: An Indian Experience of Sustainable Domestic Water Consumption, Sustainable Consumption and Society: An International Working Conference for Social Scientists, June 2nd to 3rd, 2006, sponsored by Research Committee 24 (RC24) on Environment and Society of the International Sociological Association and co-Sponsored by the Department of Rural Sociology and the Agroecology Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, http://www.michaelmbell.net/suscon-program.htm, [accessed on 10 June 2006] (jointly with Pradip Swarnakar).

Social Representations and the Problem of Arsenic Contamination:  A Study of Four Villages of West Bengal,  Poster presentation in 3-day International Summit on Linking across Millennium Development Goals, TERI, New Delhi, 1-3 February 2006 (jointly with Pradip Swarnakar).

Two men Together: Love, Sex and Risk in the wake of HIV Epidemic in India, XXV International Population Conference, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), France, 18-23 July, 2005 (jointly with Ashish Kumar Mishra,  Shrikant Singh and Sudipta Mondal).

Routes to General Population: Redefining Vulnerability in the International Conference on People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs in Asia: Progress, Achievements and Ways Forward, Organized by Centre for Operations Research and Training (CORT), Baroda, in collaboration with WHO, Population Council, Pathfinder International, Family Planning Association of India, CST-UNFPA Nepal, and CRDC Baroda, at The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, 2-4 Dec. 2004 (jointly with Ashish Kumar Mishra and S. K. Singh).

Dilemmas in Sustainable Development, International Conference on Population, Development and Environment, BITS Pilani, supported by UNFPA, IIPS and UGC, 15- 16 March 2002 (jointly with Vigneswara Ilavarsan P).

Maternal Mortality Rates: Levels, Trends and Causes, International Conference on Safe Motherhood in South Asia: Challenges Ahead, Society for International Development, Chandigarh, Hotel Mountiview, 3-5 March 1994.

Methods in Social Demography, in the International Population Conference held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, 20-27, Sept. 1989.

Population policy and Productivity Management, in the International Conference on Population Policy Perspectives, held at IIPS Bombay, 1-4, Dec. 1981.