A. K. Sharma
Professor of Sociology
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology

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Seminars/Conferences/Courses Organized at IIT Kanpur

A Two-Day Workshop on Development Policy, on behalf of DPRN, IIT Kanpur, 11-12 Marh 2017 (jointly with Debayan Pakrashi).

Symposium on Health and Illness: Concepts, Issues, Practices and Policies, 11 November 2013, as a research event of the department, in which 17 papers were presented by participants invited from various universities, research organizations, NGOs and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi (jointly with Prof. Shikha Dixit).

Training workshop (NGOs) for District Situation Analysis of HIV/AIDS Vulnerability among Youths in selected districts of UP, funded by UNICEF, and conducted by WIZMIN and IIT Kanpur, 23 November 2006.

Training workshop for Base Line Survey in Kanpur city under Coordinated HIV/AIDS Response through Capacity Building and Awareness (CHARCA), UNDP funded project, under the leadership of Prof. S. K. Singh, International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai, August, 2004.

Two day workshop on Methodology of Writing Reports, for secretaries of grassroots organizations working under Mahatma Gandhi Mission Scheme, 21 - 22 August 2004 in PBCEC, IIT Kanpur. The workshop was sponsored by Banwasi Seva Ashram, Sonabhadra.

Project Methodology Workshop, 1- 3 Feb. 04, sponsored by Banwasi Seva Ashram, Sonbhadra.

A One-Day Workshop on Machine Gradable Examination, Sunday, Sept. 7, 1997, sponsored by Joint Entrance Examination-98 (jointly with Vijay Gupta and Dayanand Yadav).

Workshop on Effective Leadership and Communication for the Upper Level Officers of IIT Kanpur, August 1993 (organized jointly with Prof. N.K. Sharma, Prof. M.A. Ansari, Prof. B.N. Patnaik and Mr. V. Narasimhan).

Coordinator, Three Week Refresher Course on Research Methodology in Social Sciences, June 22 - July 10, 1992 (organized jointly with Prof. N.K. Sharma)

Coordinator, National Workshop on Social Development Technology and Empowerment of Women: sponsored by ICSSR, 24-25, April 1992 (jointly with Dr. Raka Sharan).

Workshop on Work Motivation at IIT Kanpur, 12-13, March 1992, sponsored by Q.I.P. (jointly with Prof. N.K. Sharma and Prof. M.A. Ansari).