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Materials Science and Engg.
IIT Kanpur
Kanpur, U.P., 208016
Ph: +91-512-259-(7904)
Fax: +91-512-259-(7505), (6620)

Group Information

Our group is active in the broad area of electronic materials, thin films and devices as well as on structure-property correlations in metals and alloys and their development for engineering applications. Among electronic materials, of current interest to our group's activities are multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials and devices, energy harvesting and energy storage materials and devices and solar photovoltaic materials and devices. Among metals, we are interested in studying correlations between structure and properties of metals and alloys of industrial relevance using a variety of tools as well as in developing new alloys. Please contact me on in case you to get in touch with me on any of these issues.

Prospective Students and Research/Post-doctoral Fellows

Vacancies are available in our group in the following areas:

(i) Electronic Materials and Devices

  • Multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials and thin film devices

  • Energy materials and devices such as solar cells, batteries, energy harvesting with current emphasis on Perovskite Solar Cells, Organic Solar Cells, Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Energy Harvesting.

  • (ii) Metallic Materials

  • Alloy development for engineering applications such as high strength materials and magnetic steels
  • and

    We also work on other topics of interest in materials science and metallurgy

    Prospective students
    Although you can contact me, you would still need to formally apply to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering which can be done online. In case of PhD candidates, if shortlisted, you will be called for the written test and interview. Those interested may look out for the advertisement on the IIT Kanpur website. Masters students are directly selected.

    Research or Post-doctoral Fellows
    At times, we hire PDFs in projects by advertisement. We welcome those with Inspire or SERB NPDF or other fellowships to work in our laboratory based on mutual agreement on research topics and interests.

    For Industry

    We work on various materials related problems in Industry, pertaining to metals, alloys, thin films and devices used in transport sector (automotive, railways), space, defense, gas and pipeline, electronic industry and general materials processing industry. The topics on which we can provide support are
    • Structure-property correlations in a variety of materials and materials characterization
    • Defect identification in materials
    • Process development and process improvements
    • Material design 
    • Heat treatment
    We also deliver lectures and short courses for Industry on various topics related to Materials development, processing and characterization, failure and analysis. You can reach me on for any of the above issues.

    Attention AFM Users

    Those wanting to use the AFM in our lab must contact Mr. Ajay Singh Chouhan by emailing on for information.

    Latest Updates

    13 Dec 2019: Rahul Ranjan has passed his PhD oral exam. Congratulations Dr. Rahul Ranjan!!!

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