Avinash Singh
Publications (2001-2005)

Magnetic phase diagram of the t-t'- Hubbard model --- 
finite-U effects on competing interactions and frustration
A. Singh
Report No. cond-mat/0112442  (2001)
38. Spin dependent electrical transport in ion-beam sputter deposited Fe-Cr multilayers
A. K. Majumdar, A. F. Hebard, Avinash Singh, and D. Temple
Phys. Rev. B  65, 054408  (2002) 

39. Stability of the doped antiferromagnetic state of the t-t'-Hubbard model

Avinash Singh and Haranath Ghosh
Phys. Rev. B 65, 134414  (2002) 

40. Interplay of staggered flux phase and d-wave superconductivity,

Haranath Ghosh and Avinash Singh
Phys. Rev. B 66, 064530  (2002) 

41. Electromagnetic induction and damping --- quantitative experiments using PC interface
Avinash Singh, Y. N. Mohapatra and Satyendra Kumar
American Journal of Physics, 70 (4),  424-427  (2002).
42. Spin-wave spectrum in La2CuO4  ---  Double occupancy and competing interaction effects
Avinash Singh and Pallab Goswami
Phys. Rev. B 66, 092402  (2002) 

Initial-amplitude dependence in weakly damped oscillators

Avinash Singh
Report No. physics/0206086  (2002)

Spin fluctuations in a metallic antiferromagnet

Avinash Singh
Report No. cond-mat/0207032  (2002)

43. Ferromagnetism  in a dilute magnetic semiconductor ---
generalized RKKY interaction and spin-wave excitations
Avinash Singh, Animesh Datta, Subrat Das, and Vijay A. Singh
Phys. Rev. B 68, 235208  (2003) 

Carrier-mediated ferromagnetism  in a diluted magnetic semiconductor

Avinash Singh, Animesh Datta, Subrat Das, and Vijay A. Singh
IITK Preprint
Spin clustering and ferromagnetic couplings in a dilute magnetic semiconductor
Avinash Singh
Report No. cond-mat/0307009  (2003)

44. Self-energy corrections in an antiferromagnet :
interplay of classical and quantum effects on quasiparticle dispersion
Pooja Srivastava and Avinash Singh
Phys. Rev. B 70, 115103  (2004) 

45. Finite U-induced competing interactions, frustration,
and quantum phase transition in a triangular-lattice antiferromagnet
Avinash Singh
Phys. Rev. B 71, 214406  (2005) 

Carrier-induced ferromagnetism in a diluted Hubbard model
Sudhakar Pandey and Avinash Singh 
Report No. cond-mat/0502085  (2005)

46. Hole and electron dynamics in a triangular-lattice antiferromagnet:
interplay of frustration and spin fluctuations
Pooja Srivastava and Avinash Singh
Phys. Rev. B 72, 224409  (2005) 

Enhancement of spin stiffness with dilution in a ferromagnetic Kondo lattice model

Subrat Kumar Das and Avinash Singh
Report No. cond-mat/0506523  (2005)