Avinash Singh 

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: 14-9-1958

Education and Degrees
1987  Ph.D.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1981  M.Sc.  Banaras Hindu University
1978  B.Sc.   Banaras Hindu University

Positions Held
2012-15     Head, Physics Department, IIT Kanpur
1999-         Professor, IIT Kanpur
1995-99     Associate Professor, IIT Kanpur
1993-95     Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur
1991-93     Visiting Faculty, IIT Kanpur
1988-91     Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
1983-87     Research Assistant, University of Illinois
1981-83     Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois
1981-82     University Fellow, University of Illinois

Visiting Scientist
Jan  2017   -  Apr 2017  University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
Sep  2016  -  Nov 2016  AvH Research Fellowship, IFW Dresden, Germany
May 2016  -  July 2016  ILL Grenoble, France
June 2006  -  Sep  2006  Research Fellowship, Max Planck Institute, Dresden
Mar  2006  -  May 2006  AvH Research Fellowship, Humboldt University, Berlin
June 1997  -  July 1998  AvH Research Fellowship, University of Augsburg
June 1992  -  July 1992  JNCASR, I.I.Sc. Bangalore

Awards, Scholarships, and Recognition

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, 1997

University of Illinois Fellowship, 1981

Banaras Hindu University Gold Medal in Physics, 1980

Prof. B Dayal Gold Medal in Physics, 1980

National Science Talent Scholarship, 1975 

Received Director's commendation for outstanding teaching performance as: 

    Instructor in PHY 603  Review of Classical Electrodynamics (2015-16 I)

    Instructor in PSO  201  Quantum Physics (2014-15 III)

    Instructor in PHY 603  Review of Classical Electrodynamics (2013-14 I)

    Instructor in PHY 622  Condensed Matter Physics II (2009-10 II)
    Instructor in PHY 611  Advanced Quantum Mechanics (2005-06 I)
    Instructor in PHY 103  Physics II (2004-05 I)
    Tutor        in BSO 203  Quantum Physics (1996-97 I)
    Instructor in BSO 203  Quantum Physics (1996-97 I)
    Instructor in PHY 101  Physics I (1994-95 I)

Research Interests

Correlated Electrons and Quantum Magnetism

High-Tc Superconductivity

Metal-Insulator Transition

Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Metallic Ferromagnetism and Ferromagnetic Alloys

Spin-Charge-Orbital Ordering in Manganites

Magnetic Excitations in Iron Pnictides

Magnetic Frustration in FCC Lattice Antiferromagnets
Strongly Spin-Orbit Coupled Transition Metal Systems: Iridates and Osmates