Avinash Singh 

M.Sc. (Theory) Project Supervision

1.  A. Mitra (1994-95 II) 

Spiral State of the Doped Hubbard Model 

2.  A. K. Gupta (1994-95 II)
Spin Fluctuations in a Generalized Hubbard Model
(Currently Associate Professor at IIT Kanpur)

3.  A. Ghosal (1994-95 II)
Heisenberg Model with Spin-Space Anisotropy
(Currently Associate Professor at IISER Kolkata)

4.  V. Ashvin (1995-96 I)
Luttinger Liquid Theory
(Currently Professor at UC, Berkeley)

5.  H. Gupta (1995-96 I)
Impurities in the Mott-Hubbard Insulator
(Currently Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary, University of London)

6.  V. Aji (1995-96 II)
Magnon damping in Antiferromagnets
(Currently Associate Professor at UC, Irvine)

7.  S. Tewari (1995-96 II)
Dirty Superconductor

8.  I. Paul (1995-96 II)
Phase Fluctuations in Superconductors
(Researcher, CNRS, France)

9.  K. Krishnan (1998-99 II)
Disorder Effects in the Attractive Hubbard Model

10.  D. Das (1998-99 II)
Spectral Function of Single-Particle Excitations in Antiferromagnets
(Currently Professor at IIT Bombay)

11.  S. Mukhopadhyay (1999-00 II)
Fluctuation Effects in a Correlated Electron System

12.  S. Chatterjee (1999-00 II)
Disorder Effects on s-wave and d-wave Superconductivity

13.  A. Maharana (1999-00 II)
Transverse Spin Fluctuations in the Spin-Symmetric Phase
(Currently Assistant Professor, HRI, Allahabad)

14.  P. Goswami (2001-02 II)
Spin-Wave Spectrum in La2CuO4
(Currently Assistant Professor, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA)

15.  G. Vishwesha (2002-03 I)
Quantum Corrections in a Doped Antiferromagnet
(Currently Assistant Professor at IISc, Bangalore)

16.  A. Datta (2002-03 I)
Ferromagnetism in a Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor
(Currently Assistant Professor, University of Warwick, UK)

17.  Dibyendu Dey (2004-05 I)

Correlation Effect in d-wave Superconductivity

18.  Srivatsan (2005-06 I)

Collinear, Coplanar, and Non-Coplanar Ordering
in a Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet

19.  Sayandip Ghosh (2011-12 I)
Magnetic Excitations in Iron Pnictides
(Currently PhD student, IIT Kanpur)

20.  Abhimanyu Banerjee (2012 -13) 
Topological Insulators and Classification by Z2 Index
(went to Stanford for PhD, offered prestigious Wu Fellowship at Princeton)

21.  Hemant Kumar Kundu (2012 -13)
Orbitons in CE-type Charge-Orbital Ordered Manganites 
(went to IISc Bangalore for PhD)