ESO 209




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Course No: ESO 209A

Instructor: Basant Lal Sharma

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Units: (L-T-P-A) 2-1-0-0

Schedule: LEC: MW 5:10-6:00pm L-, TUTORIAL: T 5:10-6:00pm TB–,

Prerequisite: --

Note: --


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Phone: 6173

Main Book

  1. 1.J. L. Meriam and L. G. Kraige, Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, 6th edition, Wiley (Textbook).

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Course Summary

  1. Introduction to coordinate system and phase space, vectors and tensors (3)

  2. Dynamics of systems of particles (including impulse-momentum relations), steady mass flow and vari-
    able mass (ropes, chains and rocket propulsion) problems (5)

  3. Rotation and coordinate transformation (Euler angles), concept of angular velocity (4)

  4. Kinematics of rigid bodies: non-Newtonian reference frames (2)

  5. Kinetics of rigid bodies: Newtonian-Eulerian mechanics (2)

  6. General planar motions (5)

  7. General 3-D motions (tops, gyroscopes, rotor in space, rolling coin) (4)

  8. Advanced concepts and examples: small oscillation theory, stability (2)

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