ME 321




Course details

Course No: ME 321

Instructor: Basant Lal Sharma

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Units: (L-T-P-D-U) 2-0-1-7

Pre-requisites: ESO202A

Schedule: MTh 11:00-12:00 L4;

LAB: MTTh 14:00-17:00 Experimental Stress Analysis Lab


Email: bls at

Phone: 6173

Main BookS

  1. Mase and Mase, Continuum Mechanics for Engineers, Second Edition 1999. (Textbook). (Prescribed for “easy” reading only. Lectures are not based on any one book)

  2. Fung, Foundations of Solid Mechanics, 1965.

  3. Timoshenko and Goodier, Theory of Elasticity, McGraw Hill Publishing Company, 1970.

  4. Gurtin, The Linear Theory of Elasticity, Encyclopedia of Physics (Handbuch der Physik) Vol. VIa/2, 1972, pp. 1–295.

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Course Summary

Quick review: Vector space, linear algebra, vector calculus, indicial notation. Deformation of a body, concept of strain, small strain, strain compatibility. Stress: derivation, force equilibrium and moment equilibrium, principal stresses and directions. Constitutive equations: generalized Hooke’s relation including thermoelasticity, anisotropy. Boundary value problems in linear elasticity including concepts of uniqueness and superposition. Plane stress and plane strain, problems using cylindrical and spherical coordinates, axisymmetric problems (examples). Three dimensional problems by method of potential functions, energy methods.

Advanced Mechanics Of Solids

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