ME 621




Course InFOrmation

Course No: ME 621

Instructor: Basant Lal Sharma

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Units: 3-0-0-9

Pre-requisites: --

Schedule: WF 5:00-6:30pm L15


Email: bls at

Phone: 6173

Main BookS

  1. Sadd, Elasticity: theory, application and numerics, Academic Press, 2009 (Textbook)

  2. Fung, Foundations of Solid Mechanics, 1965.

  3. Gurtin, The Linear Theory of Elasticity, Encyclopedia of Physics (Handbuch der Physik) Vol. VIa/2, 1972, pp. 1–295.

  4. Barber, Elasticity, 3rd edition, 2009

  5. Slaughter, The linearized theory of elasticity.

  6. Timoshenko and Goodier, Theory of Elasticity, McGraw Hill Publishing Company, 1970.

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Course Summary

Mathematical Preliminaries: Vector and tensors calculus, Indicial notation. Strain: Definition of small strain, Strain-Displacement relations in 3D, Physical interpretation of strain components, Principal Strains. Stress and equilibrium: Stress components in 3D, Principal Stresses, Cauchy’s principle, stress equilibrium. Constitutive law, Navier’s equations, compatibility equations. Formulation of boundary value problems and solution methods: Plane Problems – plane stress, plane strain, anti-plane shear. Fourier transform methods. Superposition principle. Additional topics from: Examples - Torsion of prismatic shaft, Contact problems, Wedge problems, Dislocations and inclusions, Cracks, Think-film problems; Advanced transform methods - Complex variable techniques, Potential methods; Advanced ideas - Energy method, Numerical approaches, Finite elements, Eigenstrains, Micromechanics.

Introduction to Solid Mechanics

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