ME 722




Course InFOrmation

Course No: ME 722

Instructor: Basant Lal Sharma

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Units: 3-0-0-9

Pre-requisites: --



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Phone: 6173

Main BookS

  1. Freund, L. B., 1990. Dynamic Fracture Mechanics. Cambridge University Press (Textbook). %, except for part II).

  2. Slepyan, L. I., 2002. Models and Phenomena in Fracture Mechanics, Springer.

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Course Summary

Overview and history, Discussion on inertial effects. Mathematical preliminaries. Basic linear elastodynamics, Waves in Periodic Structures, Causality Principle. One-dimensional Models. Static Cracks in a Linearly Elastic Body, Stress Intensity Factors and Crack Tip Singularity, Energy Release, General Crack System, Cohesive Zone Model. Elastodynamic solutions for a stationary crack, Scattering of a pulse and a time harmonic waves, Fracture initiation due to dynamic loading. Elastodynamic crack growth, the asymptotic crack tip field, Dynamic energy release rate. One-dimensional Discrete Models, Mode III fracture in square cell elastic lattice. Scattering of lattice waves. Instabilites in dynamic fracture. Modern topics and challenges in dynamic fracture.

Dynamic Fracture Mechanics