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Objectives of the Course

Cutting-edge frontiers in technology and global competition has made it imperative for industry to continuously strengthen its research activities, a significant component of which involves application of mathematical and computational methods. Obviously, this component of research is vital also in the work of the personnel belonging to the R&D establishments.

The purpose of this course is to arm the participant with the necessary ideas and methods, so that when mathematical elements appear in research, one can tackle them with confidence, possibly with further independent study into specialized areas. Its major role is to summarize, crystallize, enhance and give a forward orientation to the mathematical methods taught in undergraduate curriculum, with projections to future requirements.

The course will be useful for college/university teachers as well for research foundation and curriculum development.

Course Coordinator

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta,
Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT, Kanpur.

Concluding Report

Important Dates

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