English Proficiency Programme

English Proficiency Programme

Courses for Aug-Nov 2016

1. Practical English: Learning and Teaching

2. Technical Writing and Presentation

Common registration process through online form

Registration open at extremely attractive terms for first 100 registrants.

Details of the courses

Practical English

Technical Writing & Presentation

Nature of course




No bar

IIT Kanpur students




Final Evaluation

1st week of December

1st week of November

Course Content

Interpretation and Expression; Basic syntax rules of English; Punctuation; Vocabulary building with patterns of spelling and pronunciation; Vocabulary building through etymological connections; Analysis and construction of powerful sentences in comprehension and communication; Strategies of summarising and composition.

Composition and summary writing; Comprehension, Oral communication and Group discussion; Rules and norms of technical writing; Software and internet tools in publication; Manuscript drafting, peer review process, response and rebuttal; Formal presentation of a technical paper.

Sample lesson

Lecture 32 of NPTEL course PELT

Guest lecture on 25 Feb 2013 at IISc

Classroom sessions

Around 10 sessions on weekends, optional

Around 10 sessions on weekends, mandatory


Minimal English background

Adequate English background

To register for any of the two courses, complete the

online form
according to instructions given in the form itself.

All registrants (to both the courses) will be given a test, based on which grades (A, B, C, D) will be assigned to them, and course allocation will be done by the following policy.
  • Hard copy of the application, complete in all respects, may also be submitted at NL201, IIT Kanpur
    or at the postal address
    Prof. Bhaskar Dasgupta,
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT, Kanpur - 208016.

    - Bhaskar Dasgupta
    English Proficiency Programme
    [ http://home.iitk.ac.in/~dasgupta/teaching/English/ ]

    Contact: 0512-2596695, 09839148007 (Utkarsh Srivastava); epp@iitk.ac.in    or    epp.iitkanpur@gmail.com