English Proficiency Programme

English Proficiency Programme

Test of English as a Functional Language

Saturday, 6 October 2018.

149 new grades updated on 30 Nov 2018.

Before you check the
result of the English diagnostic test ToEFL,
you may like to have a quick look below to appreciate the scale of the grades.
Those having grades B, C, D, E (particularly C & D) should seriously consider registering for the
EPP course "PELT".

Make note that your grade reported here is no indication of your general intelligence or ability. English is just a language, which needs to be learned. Anybody can achieve a level of at least "B", with proper time and effort, and perhaps guidance. The sooner one does that, more is the advantage.

In our scale, following are the different levels of English proficiency, along with their brief interpretation and connection with EPP.
Grade Meaning Implication Connection with EPP Special Remark
S Powerful/Beautiful You are an effective communicator, at ease with the language. If you join the EPP course, more aptly as a contributor than as a participant, you will do so only to grasp its 'scheme' of teaching, and improvement of your own English is obviously not an issue. The limited spectrum of the test may not be very efficient in identifying this particular level and may classify some people of this level with grade A.
A Good You have the full operational latitude in English and, if you put the effort, you can teach it as well. As a participant of EPP, you would find the experience a relaxation rather than study. As a contributor, the experience will be mutually beneficial. The topmost people in this category often differ from the 'S' category in a subtle power and elegance, which is not easily identifiable with 'English' or with 'learning'.
B Adequate Your English is perhaps adequate for your professional purposes, unless it is centred around English language or literature. But, you do have weaknesses and gaps, which you can remedy with a little directed effort. As a sincere participant, you will enjoy as well as improve with a light effort from your side, and may soon elevate yourself to the 'A' level. As a contributor, as of now, you can 'assist' in its operations under a capable supervision, which would also have an elevating effect.
C Deficient Your English proficiency is operationally insufficient. Your comprehension and expression in English are sometimes right, but not reliable. You must remedy it soon. EPP is well-suited as a remedy for your level. But, you need to put sincere effort. Registering for it and then trying to do it with a marginal passing attention will be of little use. People in this level typically do not know how poor their English is. A large number of IIT students fall in this category.
D Very Poor Your English is not even manageable. Many texts/speeches you do not understand, often misunderstand. Many thoughts you cannot express. Often you say/write sentences which give a wrong meaning or no meaning at all. You must spend a lot of time and effort - starting now - to remedy this situation. You will benefit by EPP - with hard work from your side. People in this level typically know that there is a problem. But, many of them underplay it by trying to believe that it is just a lack of fluency in speech and occasional 'slip' mistakes.
E Familiar You have only an exposure of English. It cannot be said that you 'know' the language. EPP main course, as it is usually given here, will be a little sharp for you, but with serious effort you can manage it. If available, first take a round of EPP Module Zero, which will prepare you for the main course (Modules 1, 2 and 3). Indian society is full of college graduates who fall in this category even after (nominally) studying English for years!
F Beginner You have just been initiated in the language. And, that is fine, because you have not learnt the typical mistakes either. Starting with EPP Module Zero, it will be a long journey for you.
X Zero level You have a difficulty in letters and simplest words also. You need thorough personal attention for a long time. EPP does not operate at this level. We typically do not expect people of this level coming with the aspiration to learn English.

- Bhaskar Dasgupta
English Proficiency Programme
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