Workshop on EPP

English Proficiency Workshop

Poor background of English among our educated youth is a major problem in the field of higher education as well as in the work-place. For a person with weak English, opportunities of productive higher study or employment are extremely difficult to achieve, no matter how many refresher courses in different areas he/she adds up in the CV. We can address a number of pitfalls of our education system if we can improve the teaching of English in our schools.

At IIT Kanpur, this bottleneck has been seriously analyzed and a comprehensive scheme with study material has been developed which can be confidently executed to give a firm foundation to the English training. This English Proficiency Workshop is being conducted with an objective to share this development with the society. Here we will outline the scheme, launch a discussion on pertinent issues and, as a way to celebrate the progress of EPP, have English proficiency contests in several categories (age groups) - Junior (class 3-6), Secondary (class 7-10) and Open (no age bar).

- Bhaskar Dasgupta
English Proficiency Programme
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