About Dr. D. H. Dethe



Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Telephone: +91 0512 259 6537 (office)
Email 1: ddethe@iitk.ac.in
Email 2: dattachem@yahoo.co.in


Academic Qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (Organic Chemistry) 1999-2005
        Department of Organic Chemistry
        Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.


Master of Science (Organic Chemistry) 1997-1999
       Pune University, Pune, India.


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) 1994-1997
      Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India.



Research Experience

Post-Doctoral Research

Research Supervisor: Prof. K. C. Nicolaou (Aug. 2005-July 2008), ICES, Singapore.



Ph.D Work (August 1999 - May 2005)

Thesis Title: ''Enantiospecific Synthesis of Cucumin-H, Pacifiogorgianes and BC-Ring System of Taxanes.''
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. A. Srikrishna, IISc Bangalore, India.

Master of Science

Project Title: ''Triflate catalysed addition of silyl enol ethers to α-β unsaturated ketones.''
Project Supervisor: Dr. Amitabh Sarkar, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.



1. Basic Organic Chemistry (203A).
2. Chemistry Laboratory (101A).
3. Frontiers in Organic Chemistry (CHM 612).
4. Application of Modern Instrumental Methods (CHM 631).

Professional Experience

July, 2008 to June, 2009

Senior Research Scientist
Drug Discovery and Development
Albany Molecular Research Inc., Singapore.

From July, 2009 to Nov, 2011

Scientist E1/Assistant Professor (AcSIR)
Division of Organic Chemistry
National Chemical Laboratory

From Dec, 2011 to Nov, 2014

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Chemistry
IIT Kanpur

From December, 2014

Associate Professor
Dept. of Chemistry
IIT Kanpur

Awards and Scholarships

1. CSIR young scientist award for year 2011.

2. OPPI young scientist award for year 2011.

3. Young associate of Indian academy of sciences (2011-2014).

4. AVRA Young Scientist Award 2015.


Invited Talks


1. ‘’Indo-French Conference in Organic Synthesis’’,  National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. (07th to 09th December, 2011).

2. 17th ISCB International Conference: “Expanding Horizons in Chemical and Biological Sciences. Innovations Crossroads”, Solapur  University, Solapur (21st to 24th January, 2012).

3. “Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences”, Solapur University, Solapur (02nd to 04th November, 2012).

4. “New Directions in Chemical Sciences (NDCS-2012)”, IIT Delhi (7th to 9th Dec 2012).

5. “The 15th Asian Chemical Congress”, Singapore (19th to 23rd Aug 2013).

6. “Gregynog Synthesis Workshop”, U.K. (12th to 14th Sept 2013).

7. “Dept. Of Chemistry, University of Bath, U.K.”, during U.K. visit, organised by Royal Society of Chemistry(16th Sept 2013).

8. “Dept. Of Chemistry, Cardiff University, U.K.”, during U.K. visit, organised by Royal Society of Chemistry(18th Sept 2013).

9. Dept. Of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, (19th Sept 2013).

10. Dept. Of Chemistry, University of Reading”, (20th Sept 2013).

11. 4th International Collaborative and Cooperative Chemistry Symposium, IIT Kanpur (Oct. 24-26, 2013).

12. XVI NOST Conference at Hotel Jaypee Palace, Agra  (April 4 - 7, 2014).

13. 20th International Conference on Organic Synthesis, Budapest, Hungary (29th June-4th July, 2014).

14. Dept. Of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur, (10th Oct. 2014).