Greetings! I am assistant professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Our lab investigates the cognitive processes of perception and action, how they are linked with each other and how this interaction influences our experience of events occurring in the environment? Some of the questions we look at include: 
  • How do we exercise control and how is linked with sense of agency? 
  • How do we perceive emotions how it mediated by processes of attention and intentionality? 
  • How intentionality of action influences our experience? 
  • How online control of actions, influence attention and awareness of actions? 
If you want to know more about my work you may visit the links in the banner.

Check our lab page for a list of members, there research interest and any open RA/ Project positions for IIT Kanpur students and for outside students. 

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working with us or you have any questions regarding our research. 
Devpriya Kumar 
Assistant Professor, 
Psychology & Cognitive Science, 
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, 
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. 

Email:          devpriya[AT]iitk[DOT]ac[DOT]in
Office:         FB-658
Phone:         +91-512-679-6841