PhD Position Available

Research Description

One of the main developments from our group was initiated with the exploratory Grant of the MCIT to develop optical approaches to Quantum Information and Computing where we successfully demonstrated the use of modulated laser pulses to communicate to the molecules. Our recent studies have shown molecules under the influence of field flux as seen in optical traps can arrange in identifiable three-dimensional structure. Similarly, the flow of molecules across interfaces or arrangement at surface is highly influenced under high optical field. Most of the high field flux conditions that we indicate are possible to attained under reversible and repeatable conditions without any delirious effect on the molecules under question when we use ultra-short laser pulse conditions. We have also found that the relaxation behavior is also strongly dependent on whether the process is instantaneously induced or not. Thus this is an exciting area of opto-molecular control for applications to electronic materials, engineered surfaces, controllable materials and information at molecular level that can pursued by the PhD students during their tenure in the lab.


Applicants should have an MSc or equivalent degree with at least 55% marks
Students finishing all requirements of their qualifying degree by July, 2015 are also eligible to apply.

Salary and Benefits

Ph.D fellowship: The position will be offered initially for a period of one year and extendable upto five years, pending satisfactory progress as determined through periodic evaluations.

Scholarship: Currently, Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme offers a monthly fellowship of Rs. 22,500 for first two years and Rs. 25,000 for the next two years which is likely to be revised upward in the near future. Till any such revision takes place, students admitted through this scheme will be paid a monthly fellowship of Rs. 25,000 for first two years and Rs. 28,000 after two years at par with other agencies like MHRD, DST etc.

Contingency: 30,000/- per annum.

How to Apply

Interested students are requested to email the filled-up application form, to Dr. Debabrata Goswami ( with a subject "Visvesvaraya Application of [Your Name]". Scanned copies of two letters of references (Link for Reference form) also need to be directly emailed to by the referees. The reference letters should have a subject "Reference letter for [Your Name]". Please note that the candidate must bring the original reference letter in sealed envelope if he/she is called for an interview.