Diptarka Das

Asst. Professor,
Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur.

Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
Rajeev Motwani Building Room 602
IIT-Kanpur, Kanpur 208016, UP.

Email: didas at iitk.ac.in

A short resume is available here.

Research activities:

The IIT-K string theory group webpage is hosted here.

Preprints of my papers are available here.

Course materials:

IIT-K Physics 421A Fall 2019: Mathematical Methods for Physics - I.

IIT-K Physics 422A Spring 2019, 2020: Mathematical Methods for Physics - II.

Recent talks:

Symmetry restoration via quantum quench (2020).

Some features of KDV partition functions for c>1 CFTs (2019).

Modular Bootstrap at Extreme and Intermediate Temperatures: Asymptotics and Bounds (2019).

Modular Bootstrap with some applications to thermalization (2018).

Current students:

Bidyut Dey, Dissertation : Aspects of thermalization in exactly solvable models.

Samarth Chawla, Masters : Generalized Gibbs Ensembles in 2D conformal theories.

Adith Sai, Masters : To implement tensor networks to study quantum chaos during quenches.


Motivated Ph.D. students interested in working with me and the string theory group at IIT-K are encouraged to apply via the IIT-K Physics department.

Interested postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to drop me an email.