Transfer of temporal coherence in parametric down-conversion


Abstract: We show that in parametric down-conversion the coherence properties of a temporally partially coherent pump field get entirely transferred to the down-converted entangled two-photon field. Under the assumption that the frequency-bandwidth of the down-converted signal-idler photons is much larger than that of the pump, we derive the temporal coherence functions for the down- converted field, for both infinitely-fast and time-averaged detection schemes. We show that in each scheme the coherence function factorizes into two separate coherence functions with one of them carrying the entire statistical information of the pump field. In situations in which the pump is a Gaussian Schell-model field, we derive explicit expressions for the coherence functions. Finally, we show that the concurrence of time-energy-entangled two-qubit states is bounded by the degree of temporal coherence of the pump field. This study can have important implications for understanding how correlations of the pump field manifest as two-particle entanglement as well as for harnessing energy-time entanglement for long-distance quantum communication protocols.

J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 34(8), 1637-1643 (2017)

Girish Kulkarni