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Anveshika is a body established by Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) in the year 2001. Under Anveshika a group of Physics teachers are trying to develop a Physics teaching methodology which stresses more upon experiments to provide more natural and enjoyable environment for Physics Learning. Knowing well the constraints imposed by the Board syllabus and examination system, Anveshika is focusing on the prescribed syllabus only. Without putting extra burden on teachers or administration, we present alternative teaching scheme which creates great interest among the students the subject.

The main center of Anveshika is at Saraswati Gyan Mandir Inter College, Indira Nagar, Kalyanpur, Kanpur- 208026. It is essentially an open ended laboratory where uncommon experiments are set up without constraints of any board syllabus or examination. New experiments are continuously evolved as and when any idea strikes the students or the teachers.

The college has included two hours per day per week in the routine for students to spend in anveshika. The students under guidance of resource person learn experimental skills and at the same time use their imagination to extend or set up new experiments.