Call for research students

We have PG admissions for research positions (Ph.D., M.S.R) twice a year, during months of January and July. Applications are invited through the online portal, typically in the months of March and October. For the latest updates regarding deadlines click here

The Ph.D. program is meant for you if you want to pursue any one of the following career paths - research, or advanced product development, or teaching at the highest level. A Ph.D. pursuit involves identifying a problem that has stalled the progress in the field of your work for a while, and the solution to which will enhance the knowledge pool in the your domain of work. Ideally your Ph.D. work should be able to create an impact in the area of your work. You are expected to have a firm grip on the basics of analog circuit design. Most importantly, you should have the motivation and ability to conduct research independently (at least in the latter half of your Ph.D. tenure). Research programs, by definition, are meant to veer into paths which have not (or seldom) been taken before. This may sometimes lead to going down a blind alley. Part of the thrill of active research is the pursuit of this unknown. At the end of your Ph.D. tenure you are expected to know more about your subject than any one in this planet (including your advisor). The typical flow of of the work that a Ph.D. student is expected to follow is the conceptualization of a problem statement, design of the chip to solve the problem, tape-out of the IC (from one of the many leading foundries in the world) testing and demonstration of the chip, and publication of the results in some of the top-tier conferences / journals. Depending on the type of problem statement, this cycle may repeat more than ones.

The M.S.R program as compared to an M.Tech is more oriented towards research and is aimed at giving the student a flavour of research activity that one will engage in, if s/he decides on pursuing a carrier in research or cutting edge product development -be in the academia or the industry. You can consider it to be a peek into the life of a Ph.D. student, in a compressed time. The number and the type of courses are targeted more towards the area of research than a broader field. We expect an M.S.R student to be able to independently design, tape-out and test a complete IC by the time s/he graduates. However, in the interest of time, the number of design cycles and tapeouts in our group is limited to one.

You can find more information about all the post graduate programs in the IITK PG manual.

If you are intersted in working with me, send me your C.V. You can find the type of work I do here.