EE610A: Analog VLSI Design
L08: Monday and Thursday 9-10:15 am

TAs: Mohamad Aasif Bhat (aasif), Pankaj Rahi (pankajiitk20), Sameer Kumar (sameerk21), Mayank Anupam (mayank21), Abhishek Kumar (abhishekkr20), Piyush Kumar (piyushk22)

Question Sets
Question Set 1
Question Set 2
Question Set 3
Simulation assignment 1
Question Set 4
Question Set 5
Simulation assignment 2
Discussion session and quiz dates
Venue: L18 Time: 10.00am - 11:15 am Aug 12, 2023
Venue: L20 Time: 09.30am - 11:00 am Aug 26, 2023
Venue: TB107 to TB111 Time: 10.00am - 11:15 am Sep 09, 2023
Venue: TB203,204,205,207,208,209 Time: 08.30am to 09.45 Oct 13, 2023
Venue: TB204, TB205, TB207, TB208, TB209 09.30am - 10:50 am Nov 04, 2023

▪ Tutorial for setting up basic simulations using LT-spice (BeginnersGuide.pdf)

Lecture videos
▪ Lecture 0: Introduction
▪ Lecture 1: Necessity of non-linearity in analog amplifiers (video)
▪ Lecture 2: Linearizing a non-linear element (video)
▪ Lecture 3: Incremental equivalents of different electrical elements (video)
▪ Lecture 4: Introduction to incremental two port network (video)
▪ Lecture 5: Use of MOSFET as the non-linear device for amplification (video)
▪ Lecture 6: Biasing a MOSFET for amplification (video)
▪ Lecture 7: Channel length modulation and its effects on amplifiers (video)
▪ Lecture 8: Capacitances in MOSFET (video)
▪ Lecture 9: Frequency characteristics of a common source amplifier (video)
▪ Lecture 10: Frequency characteristics of common source amplifier contd.. (video)
▪ Lecture 11: Poles and zeros by inspection in a common source amplifier (video)
▪ Lecture 12: Poles and Zeros through inspection (video)
▪ Lecture 13: Intuition behind the locations of poles and zeros in a common source amplifier (video)
▪ Lecture 14: Introduction to negative feedback (video)
▪ Lecture 15: Effect of loop gain in a negative feedback loop (video)
▪ Lecture 16: Relating loop gain with closed loop transfer function (video)
▪ Lecture 18: Stability criterion for higher order systems; introduction to phase margin (video)
▪ Lecture 19: Stabilizing Miller compensated feedback network (video)
▪ Lecture 20: Using current source to bias a common source amplifier (video)
▪ Lecture 21: Introduction to differential amplifier (video)
▪ Lecture 22: CMRR in differential amplifier (video)
▪ Lecture 23: Introduction to PMOS to replace a passive resistor in a common source amplifier (video)

Plagiarism policy: You are obviously free to discuss among yourselves to help one another understand the concepts of the course. Collaboration during exams or simulation assignments which are to be submitted as individually will lead to strict disciplinary actions as deemed fit by the instructor.


There is no particular reference book for this course. However, you will find overlap with the contents covered in the following.

▪ Some overlap with previous year's lectures on EE610A (ee610_past)
▪ Behzad Razavi, “Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits"