Jishnu Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

PhD (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Research Interests

Renewable energy storage, thermal management of portable energy sources, energy storage materials, computational material science, Solar energy harvesting and storage, heat transfer, low cost energy options


 Announcement (2017): Position open for PhD and Mtech/MS students in the following broad areas

  • Understanding and designing of smart materials from first principles calculations
  • Development of efficient parallel algorithm for handling large scale configuration space in crystalline solids
  • First-principles computations on energy storage materials (Li-ion battery)
  • Thermal management of sodium-ion batteries
  • Stand alone solar thermal refrigeration systems
  • Effect of soiling on solar energy collectors
  • Prediction of heat transfer properties of nano-fluids

Please contact me at my office and/or the other group members in the CFD lab for further information.



Ongoing Research Projects:


·         Material design approach toward electrolytes for Li-ion battery

·         A faster algorithm for handling large configurational space 

·         Non-native cathode structures for Li-ion batteries

·         Solar thermal energy storage

·         Solar energy harvesting from non-conventional geometry

·         Thermal management of large scale vehicular battery packs




·       Review—Manganese Dissolution from Spinel Cathode: Few Unanswered Questions

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Courses taught:


Thermal Environmental Control (ME 613A)

Energy Systems-I (ME301A)

Solar Energy Technology (ME645A) - current semester






Current Semester Office Hours:   


                            Fri, 4-5 pm


Email:  jishnu@iitk.ac.in

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
NL-1 302 (CFD Lab)
Kanpur, UP 208016

Phone: +91-512-2597684




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