S.No. Name Thesis Title Photograph


Pradeep Kumar Sahu (MS by Research)

Jet Electrochemical Machining


Prabhu Dayal(MSP)

Electrochemical Milling


Kavita Yadav (MSP)

Modeling of Magnetic Assisted EDM process


Shirale Arvind Shivaji (MSP)

Minimum Quantity Lubrication


Gopal Ashok Gupta (MSP)

Preferential Media For Abrasive Flow Machining
S.No. Name Thesis Title Year
1. Naveen, Gopal Voruganti Devlopment and Characterisation of Jute Sandwiched Structure 2005
2. Rajeev Sharma Design of Bus Fascia made of Sandwiched FRP 2005
3. Deep, K. S Determination of Limiting Blank Holding force and Cavity pressure in Hydromechanical Deep Drawing 2005
4. Kumar, Rajesh Microstructural Characterization of Deep Drawn Low Carbon Steel 2006
5. Tailor, Piyushkumar B Performance Evaluation of Abrasive Flow Machining 2006
6. Kulkarni Sumedh Suresh Experimental Investigation of Formability Enhancement Using Warm Deep Drawing 2006
7. Mondal, Subrata Experimental Investigation on Modified AFM Process 2007
8. Pandya, Chinmay Numerical simulation of the Degradation Behavior of Carbon-Carbon composites during Carbonization Process 2007
9. Singh, Jitendra Kumar Characterization of FRP-Joints 2007
10. Akhtar, Syed Nadeem Fabrication and Modeling of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites for use as Actuators 2007
11. Varghese, Anil Investigations into rotatory assisted Abrasive Flow Machaning (RA-AFM) process 2008
12. Nair R, Sandeep Finishing of shafts for Ultra High Speed for gas bearings 2008
13. Roy, S. Dutt Theoretical modeling on magnetic abrasive finishing process 2009
14. Cholla, S. Chandra Bose Investigation of optimizing parameters for blind pocket milling using abrasive water jet machining 2009
15. Mankad, Tarun Exploring vibrational aptitude and atto-gram mass sensing ability of composite nano-pillars 2009
16. Katiyar, Jitendra Kmr Novel synthesis of Micro- and Nano- Granular Fe-Cu alloy by Electric Discharge Machining 2010
17. Chandra Sekar Sathua Magentic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) 2011
18. Omprakash Rawat Electric Discharge Machining 2011
19. Sathish Sekar “ DRIFT…” – THREE WHEELER FOR A GREEN RIDE 2011
20. Virender Singh Kanwal Design of Multidetector system for gamma ray imaging and nuclear safety. 2012 2012
21. Sairam Jagatani Design and Development of an Interactive Board Game, Taking Inspiration from Ideas of Indian Logics 2012
22. Jitendra Singh Fabrication of Complex Circuit Using Electrochemical Micro Machining on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 2013
23. M. Jeyakumar Design of math products to impart spatial understanding in children 2013
24. Charchit Kumar Fabrication and flow analysis of micro channels for bipolar plate of polymer electro lyte membrane fuel cell 2013
25. Rehan Ahmed Shaikh Data error Analysis of in house built multidector gamma ray CT scanner using first Kanpur theorem 2013
26. Devaki Nandan Vibration assisted plasma arc machining of mild steel 2014
27. Neha Singh Magnetic Abrassive finishing of micro channel 2014
28. Randheer K. Saha Fabrication of Ground composites 2014
29. Dharmesh Kumar Excimer laser shock penning of Ti Alloys 2014
30. Ravi K. D. Multi-objective optimization of EDM parameters on Machining carbon-carbon composites 2014
31. Binit Kumar Severe Plastic Deformation (Friction Stir Deformation) 2015
32. Aswani Kumar Surface texturing of Ti alloys using fiber laser 2015
33. Bhagath P. Paparoa (M.Des.) Designing products for physically challenged to enhance the Usability & Aesthetics 2015
34. Shivakumar M (M.Des.) Peltify-Design & Development of Wearable Personal Cooling & Heating device 2015
35. Pankaj Kushwaha (M.Des.) Design and manufacturing of an indigenous MALE unmanned aerial vehicleand weight reduction through controlling different variables 2015
36. Pratik Murkute (MSP) Tribo corrosion Study of material used in naval application 2016
37. Vishal Kumar Maintainability Study on Advanced Materials for Aerospace Applications – Inconel-625 and gamma-TiAl 2016
38. Parashtekar Alhad (MSP) Development of experimental methodology to Determine the optimum Mechanical operating Pressure for an electrolyser 2016
39. Sudhanshu Mathur (MSP) Electric discharge turning 2016
40. Deepti Sharma (MSP) Finishing of helical gears using Abrasive Flow Finishing 2016
41. S. Gowthaman(MSP) Effect of Attenuating Medium on the Tribology of Laser Peened Armoured steel 2017
42. Kumar Ravi (MSP) Surface micro-channeling of metals via Electro-chemical dissolution 2017
43. Parameswari Gundavarapu Nano finishing of flat and free form surfaces 2017
44. Dhananjay Dubey (MSP) Finishing of Ball Using Abrasive Flow Finishing 2017
45. Ambuj Shah (MS by R) Numerical Study of Transient Thermo-Fluidic Behaviour of the Melt Pool during Laser Welding 2017
46. Aakash Tyagi (MS by R) Theoretical and Experimental Study of Wire Electrochemical Turning Process 2017
47. Mahavir Singh Thin Wall Micromachining of Ti-6Al-4V using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Process 2018
48. Shashank Sharma A Multiphysics Numerical Model for Melt Hydrodynamics in Selective Laser Melting 2018
49. Gaganpreet Singh Fabrication of flexible absorber using screen printing technology 2018
50. Vyom Sharma Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Wire Electrochemical Micromachining (Wire-EMM) Process 2018
51. Mahesh A. Thalkar (MS by R) Micro patterning of large surface area using multiple electrode electrochemical micro machining 2018