Prof. (Dr.) Kuppuswamy Anantha Padmanabhan

Professor of Eminence, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Anna University, Chennai 600025

Member (Physical Sciences), Research and       
Innovation Board & Advisor, TCS
Research Advisor, Aditya Birla S&T Company
(former Director, Indian Institute of Technology,

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Block 1- 4C, Ceebros Orchid
No. 263, Velachery Main Road
Chennai 600 042
Tel.: +91-8008777664



He became the FIRST INDIAN to receive the 'FORSCHUNGSPREIS' of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, a career award of the highest category of the above organization. In 1997 the University of Cambridge, U.K. conferred on him the highest academic award of Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) which he received in person in 1998. He is the SIXTH INDIAN and the FIRST Indian Engineer to receive this rare distinction.