Kantesh Balani

Biomaterials Processing & Characterization Lab. Kantesh Balani, Ph.D.
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Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur-208016, India
Email: kbalani@iitk.ac.in
PH: +91-512-259-6194

Biomaterials and Coatings/Scaffolds:

  • Hydroxyapatite and Bioglass based biocomposites for bone replacement.
  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) based biocomposites for acetabular cup liner in hip joints
  • Processing utilizes electrostatic spraying, plasma spraying, and spark plasma sintering
  • Carbon Nanotube (CNT) reinforced biocomposites (both ceramics and Polymeric)
  • Molecular Dynamics to observe protein interaction with biomaterials.

Energy Materials:

  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Development of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) and Ceria (CeO2) based anode and electrolytes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Aerospace Materials Materials/Ultra High Temperature Materials:

  • Development of ZrB2 HfB2 and TaC based 'Ultra High Temperature Ceramics' using spark plasma sintering
  • Joining of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics
  • High Temperature Thermal Conductivity and Tribology of Materials

Nanomechanics and Nanotribology:

  • Nanoindentation and Nanomechanics
  • Wear and Tribology of Materials (Fretting, Micro-scratching, Nanoscratching, and Pin-on-Disk)
  • Dynamic modulus (i.e. storage and loss modulus) and damping response of material to a dynamic load
  • Understanding the tribology at nano-scale using nanoindentation and nano-scratching. Fundamental wear mechanisms, coefficient of friction, and scratch depth can be extracted from these nanotribological testing.

Mathematical/ Ab-initio Computational Modeling:

  • Fractal modeling is utilized for estimating the fracture toughness of CNT reinforced ceramic composites.
  • Ab-initio molecular modeling using SIESTA (Spanish Initiative for electronic simulation of thousands of atoms) allows extracting minimum energy configurations and electronic density of an interface.

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Last Updated: July 01, 2023