1.   Swarnajayanti Fellowship, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India (Mar. 2018-Mar. 2023): Rs. 136.38 Lakhs
      PI: “Hip Joint Replacement System”

2.  Department of Biotechnology (DBT)(Nov. 2015-Nov. 2020) Rs. 11.41 lakhs (Total: Rs. 500.60 lakhs)
    Coordinator (IIT Kanpur): Programme Support on Translational Research on Biomaterials for Orthopaedic and Dental applications”

3.  Virtual Laboratory project – Phase II (MHRD) (Sep. 2014 – Apr. 2019) Rs. 119.2 Lakhs
     Coordinator:Integration of Virtual Labs at IIT Kanpur

4. Virtual Laboratory project – Phase III (MHRD) (Apr. 2018 – Apr. 2020) Rs. 113.2 Lakhs
    Coordinator: Integration of Virtual Labs at IIT Kanpur

5. Cieba Inc.: Rs. 9.62 lakhs
Evaluation of Chemical A and Chemical C required for Polishing and Enhancing Durability of Ceramic Tiles

6. IMPRINT (Impacting Research Innovation and Technology), MHRD (Nov. 2018-Nov.2020): Rs. 44.5 lakhs
   PI: High Temperature Materials for Thermal Protection Systems


7.  Department of Science and Technology (Technology Systems Development Program,

       TSDP)  (May 2016-May 2020) Rs. 56.52 lakhs (Total: Rs. 12.24 Crores) Submitted Sept. 2015, Tentatively approved, Feb. 2017

       Co-PI: “Laser Assisted Materials Processing (LAMP)

8. Naval International (Cooperative Opportunities in Science and Technology Program, NICOP)  (Jun. 2016-Jun. 2018): Rs. 40 lakhs

      PI: Antifouling Low-Drag Coatings of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: Role of  ZnO Nano/Micro Structures

9. Department of Science and Technology: Rs. 85.80 lakhs (to be submitted)

        Co-PI (IIT Kanpur):  Research On Production And Utilization Of Methanol & Di-Methyl Ether As Sustainable Fuel


10. Board of Nuclear Research (Jun. 2013- Jun. 2016) Rs. 58.22 Lakhs

       PI: “Oxidation of Graphite and Protective Coatings”.

11. Indian Space and Research Organisation (Jul. 2013-Jul. 2015) Rs. 21.94 Lakhs

       PI: “Plasma Exposure Damage of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics.

12.  Indian Space and Research Organisation (Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014) Rs. 13.58 Lakhs

       PI:Role of Particle Size of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia on the Wear Resistance of the Plasma Sprayed Aluminum Oxide Coatings

13. CARE grant from IIT Kanpur (Dec. 2013)  Rs. 56 lakhs

       PI:  Non Contact Optical Profilometer

14. Department of Science and Technology IIT Kanpur (Jul. 2011-Jul. 2013)  Rs. 29.48 Lakhs

       PI:  Enhanced Ionic Conductivity of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell via nano-CeO2 reinforcement in YSZ Electrolyte

15.   Naval International Cooperative Opportunities in Science and Technology Program  (NICOP) (Apr. 2012-Apr.2013) Rs. 21.45 Lakhs

       PI: “Plasma Sprayed Nano-Ceria-Alumina Composite Coatings for Catalytic Conversion of  Combustion Gases

       Collaborator: Dr. Xiaolin Zheng (Stanford University, CA, USA)

16.  Virtual Laboratory project (MHRD) (Jun. 2010-Mar. 2013) Rs. 43.84 Lakhs

       Sole PI: "Material Response to Microstructural-, Mechanical- and Thermal- Stimuli".

17.  Department of Biotechnology (May 2009- Oct. 2012) Rs. 52.03 Lakhs

       PI:Investigation on Developing Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene-Hydoxyapatite  -Carbon Nanotube Biocomposite for Biomedical


18.  Indian Space and Research Organisation (Mar. 2009-Nov. 2011) Rs. 15.50 Lakhs

       Sole PI:Corrosion protection of Mg-Li Alloys

19.  E-Book Development (MHRD) (Apr. 2010-Apr. 2011) Rs. 32.21 Lakhs

       Sole PI:Co-PI: “E-book on Materials Science and Engineering”

20.  CARE grant from IIT Kanpur  (Nov. 2009)  Rs. 45 lakhs

        PI: “High Temperature Electrochemical Test Station

21.  Initiation Grant, IIT Kanpur (Dec. 2008-Dec. 2009)  Rs. 10 lakhs

        PI: "Electrostatic Spraying of Bioactive Ceramic Reinforced Polymer Bio-coating"