Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

CPI - 8.55 / 10.
List of graduate courses can be found here.

B.Tech., Electronics and Telecommunication

College of Engineering Pune

CPI - 8.96 / 10.

Teaching experience


  • ESC 201: Introduction to Electronics (Course), Fall 2014
  • ESC 201: Introduction to Electronics (Lab), Fall 2013

Course tutorship involves taking one lecture per week to solve numerical problems that will help students understand the theory taught in course and grading final examination. In laboratory, tutorship involves designing experiments and conducting lab sessions.

Teaching assistant

  • EE 320: Principles of Communication (Course), Fall 2011, Fall 2010
  • EE 381: Digital Circuits and Microprocessors (Lab), Spring 2012, Spring 2011

Assistanship involves preparing assignments and grading quizzes.