Research Grants

Period Sponsoring Organization Title of Project Amount of Grant Co-Investigators (if any)
2018-2021 JCBCAT Development of a vision based autonomous Quadrotor System for rescue and search operation ₹64.56 lacs PI
2018-2021 DST Robot Assisted Warehouse Automation System ₹60 lacs PI
2017-2020 DST-UKIERI Learning Robotic Motor Skills, Visual Control and Perception for Warehouse Automation ₹1.61 Crore PI
2016-2018 TCS Development of Warehouse Automation System ₹49.5 lacs PI
2016-2019 MHRD TLC on Internet of Things (IoT) $275380 = ₹ 7.8 crore (IIT K ₹ 1.8) PI
2016-2019 Adnoc-GRC, Abu Dhabi A condition monitoring system with multi-agent mechanism for external non-contact smart inspection of buried oil and gas pipelines $275380 = ₹ 1.8 crore PI
2016-2019 TSDP, DST Development and control of a kinematically redundant teleoperated mobile manipulator for warehouse automation ₹ 1.5 crore PI
2016-2017 Nissan Renault Drone based driver assistance system ₹ 25 lakhs PI
2015-2016 Nissan Towards complete situational awareness for driver assistance and safety of the vehicle ₹ 14.4 lakhs PI
2013-2016 DEITY Sensor Network Based Tracking and Surveillance ₹ 60 lakhs PI
2013-2016 DEITY Control of Cyber Physical Systems ₹ 116 lakhs PI
2012-2014 ISRO Satellite Formation Keeping Control ₹ 2.14 Million PI
2010-2015 DST FIST Grant to set up a Tennis Playing Robot Experimental Platform ₹ 20 Million Head EE (PI)
2009-2012 DST Intelligent Visual Control of Redundant Manipulator Systems for Grasping 3-D Objects ₹ 3.29 Million PI
2010-12 DST (Indo-Japan) Assistive Robotics combined with ICT ₹ 3.6 Million Ashish Dutta (PI)
2008-2012 DRDO Visual Motor Control of a Seven Degrees of Freedom Robot Manipulator ₹ 5.0 Million PI
2008-2011 UKIERI Innovations in Intelligent Assistive Robotics ₹1.16 Crore PI
2005-2008 MHRD Quantum Neural Network Models - Applications of Quantum Learning to Health Care System and Visual Tracking System ₹ 2.0 Million PI
2006-2008 DST Intelligent Control Schemes and Application to Dynamic and Visual Control of Redundant Manipulator Systems ₹ 2.3 Million PI
2004-2006 MHRD Adaptive nonlinear control - A foundational framework using classical and quantum algorithms ₹ 0.65 Million PI
2005-2009 FIST Facility for Intelligent Control ₹ 6.5 Million Head, EE (PI)
1996-1999 AICTE Fuzzy neural networks for modeling and control of nonlinear dynamical systems ₹ 1.0 Million PI
1997-1999 AICTE Research Grant due to the Career Award ₹ 0.2 Million PI
1998-1999 UGC Intelligent control of nonlinear dynamical system using radial basis function network and fuzzy basis function network ₹ 0.6 Million PI