Doctoral ThesEs Guided


1. P. Basak (1975): Non-Darcy Flow through Porous Media and its Applications to Transient


2. K. Kurma Rao (1975): Analysis of Initially Bent and Imperfect piles.

3. P. K. Basudhar  (1976): Some Applications of Mathematical Programming Techniques for

    Stability Problems in Geotechnical Engineering.

4. A. Armugam (1976): Deterministic and Probabilistic Analysis of Straight and Bent Piles.

5. P. P. Vitkar (1978): Prediction, Reliability, and Improvement of Foundation Behaviour on 

    Soft Soil.

6. S. Chandra  (1979): Analysis of Beams and Plates on Nonlinear Foundation


7. S. Bandhyopadhyay (1980): Some Studies in the Analysis of Piles subjected to Dynamic


8. K. S. Ramakrishna (1981): Some Applications of Probabilistic Models in Geotechnical


9. R. S. Karmarkar (1982): Settlement Analysis of Annular Footings.

10. N. B. S. Rao (1982): Studies on Empirical Modelling of Soil Behaviour.

11. C. R. K. Sarma (1983): Analysis of Single Pile Subjected to Axial, Lateral, and

     Combined Loading.

12. R. G. Kale (1984): Analysis of Deformation of Normally Consolidated Clay without and

      with Crust.

13. C. Ghosh (1992): Modelling and Analysis of Reinforced Foundation Beds.

14. N. K. Pitchumani (1993): Reinforced Foundation Beds: Soil - Reinforced Strip

      Interaction Analyses.

15. Y. M. Park (1993): Study of Plastic Board Drain Treated Ground (Co-supervisor) - Saga


16. N. Sabhahit (1994): Stability Analysis Soil Reinforcement Problems - A Nonlinear

      Programming Approach (Co-supervisor).

17. M. Alamgir (1996): Analysis of Soft Ground Reinforced by Columnar Inclusions

      (Co-supervisor) - Saga University.

18. N.Gurung (1999): Geotechnical Observations, Deformation Analyses and Theoretical

      Formulations of Pullout Tests on Planar Reinforcements (Co-supervisor) - Saga


19. J.K.Sharma (2000): Analysis and Settlement of Granular Pile(s) - Single, In Group and with Raft