Working Papers

  • Flexible Bayesian Quantile Regression in Ordinal Models,” with Shubham Karnawat (Under Review).
  • "Estimation and Applications of Quantile Regression for Binary Longitudinal Data," with Angela Vossmeyer (Under Review).
  • “Seemingly Unrelated Regression Model with Measurement Error: a Bayesian Approach and its Mean Field Variational Bayes Approximation,” with Georges Bresson, Anoop Chaturvedi and Shalabh (Under Review).
  • "Flexible Bayesian Quantile Regression in Longitudinal Data Models," with Shubham Karnawat and Ivan Jeliazkov.
  • “US Public Opinion on Marijuana Legalization: Insights from an Analysis of National Surveys,” with Mohit Batham.

Work in Progress

  • "Exploring the Usefulness of Instrumental Variables via Bayesian Variable Selection," with Rahul Sharma.
  • "Bayesian Quantile Regression for Binary Models with Applications to Environmental Studies," with Deep Mukherjee.
  • “Goodness of Fit in Instrumental Variable Models,” with Chi-Lun Cheng, Shalabh and Gaurav Garg.
  • “A Review of Bayesian Quantile Regression for Continuous and Discrete Outcomes,” with Ivan Jeliazkov.

  • "Flexible Bayesian Regularized Quantile Regression," with Angela Vossmeyer.

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