Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Department of Chemistry

The Chandra Group

Light-matter interactions and more

We enjoy a multidisciplinary research in our lab. We are interested in a diverse set of problems, from surface plasmon excitations at metal surfaces to mechanisms of antibiotic-Gram negative bacteria cell membrane interactions. One section of the lab is actively engaged in developing predictive understanding of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale and revealing new aspects of how nanoscale structure influences the use and control of light. We are actively involved in probing exotic processes such as plasmon-exciton interactions, strong coupling phenomena, chemistry under vibrational and electronic strong coupling, plasmon catalysis,  etc. The other part of the laboratory is dedicated to developing unique strategies to tackle antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria where we employ label-free real-time spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to understand the mechanisms of antibiotic-bacteria cell membrane interaction, drug influx-efflux, survival of bacteria under ‘stress’ conditions, and so on.