Hello there.

My name is Milind.
I am a Y15 Maths UG student at IIT Kanpur.
I've made this site to introduce myself to you, scroll on!

For the impatient, here's a resume: Resume(broken link)

Site under construction


My name is Milind. Nice to meet you. This site is under construction. Another line. Word.


Reading is also one of my interests. I am interested in the following books --


I am also interested in web development. Yada yada etc etc

Web Development

Relevant Skills:
  1. HTML5 + CSS3
  2. JS + jQuery
  3. Servlets + JSP
  4. Experience with LAMP
  5. Python back-ends, PHP proficiency
  6. Image Manipulation(GIMP)
  7. UX design


The two years when everyone prepares for competetive exams and entrances!

Some details:
JEE Advanced 2015 AIR 934
JEE Mains 2015 216 marks
KVPY 2014 Qualified (Slept thru Vijyoshi '15)
Class X CGPA 10.0, somehow (CBSE)
Class XII 87% (Maharashtra State Board)
BITSAT 324 marks - no use though


College Life!
CPI : 10.0

Relevant Courses:
SnT: Robotics

Did so and so. So and so. ACPR code link
More about ACPR

Cult: DebSoc

Did all this. Parlimentary debate. So on. Have fun


Have interest since childhood. Did development. Came here.

Developed interest in logical also, however development is still the main. Mention code.fun.do even if you don't want to.

Link to repo
Link to actual project. If I had one.
Another broken link.
Languages (well-versed)
Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS
Languages (basics)
Libraries used
OpenCV (C++), jQuery, Servlets+JSP

Contact Me

Email - external i.milind.luthra [at] gmail [dot] com
Email - IIT milindl [at] iitk.ac.in
Address C346, Hall X
Facebook /milind.luthra

Misc Links and Stuff

ESC101 - Problems
Mr. Yash Srivastav has compiled all our ESC101 problems. Lack of solutions is unfortunate.
My GitHub Repository
Just starting off!
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