Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur




                        Munmun Jha

                              Professor of Sociology




                             Telephone:  +91-512-259 7615 (Office)






BA (Hons) 1987 (St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University), MA 1989 and MPhil 1992 (Jawaharlal Nehru University), PhD 1996 (Glasgow University)



Lecturer (1996-97) Goa University; Lecturer (1997-99),  Assistant Professor (1999-2005), Associate Professor (2005-2010); Professor (2010 onwards) Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur



Current teaching interests: Indian society and culture, human rights, design culture and society.


Current research interests: human rights issues, NGOs, social movements, caste and race. 


Publications include:


 “India from Indira Gandhi’s Emergency.” In Encyclopedia of Human Rights, edited by David P. Forsythe. New York: Oxford University Press, Volume 3, 2009, pp.5-16.


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“The Indian State and Human Rights NGOs.” In Ko’aga Rone’eta, (International and Human Rights Organizations Series), Series 6, Volume 1999.



Awards and recognition include:


Charles Wallace Fellowship in Social Anthropology, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK, April to June 2009.

Visiting Professor,  Institut Orientaliste, Universite Catholoique de Louvain,  Belgium,  May to June 2000.

The Human Rights Millennium Award by the Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi, 2000.

Commonwealth Scholarship, University of Glasgow, UK, October 1992 to October 1995.


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