Introduction to Mechanics,

Second Edition


A textbook for 
science and engineering undergraduates

Universities Press, Hyderabad

Paperback   624p   

ISBN 978 81 7371 981 3

Introduction to Mechanics, Second Edition offers a modern introduction to Newtonian dynamics and the basics of special relativity. The present edition covers almost all the topics specified in the mechanics syllabus of most Indian universities. It preserves the emphasis laid on the fundamental principles of mechanics and introduction of modern topics (as in the earlier edition), such as symmetries, nonlinear dynamics and presentation of Newton's laws as a differential equation. The programming language Python is used to solve a large number of differential equations numerically and to plot them.

Discussions on several topics have been expanded and many new topics have been introduced—surface tension and capillary action, Buckingham Pi theorem, impulse, magnetorotational instability (MRI), fluid flows and bending moment. The dynamics of the gyroscope have been developed very systematically and this is a unique feature of the book. Each chapter contains new illustrations, more discussions, examples and exercises.