Introduction to Mechanics


A textbook for

science and engineering undergraduates

Universities Press, Hyderabad

Paperback   356p   290 Rs.

ISBN 81 7371 627 7

CRC Press

Taylor & Francis Group


Introduction to Mechanics offers a modern introduction to Newtonian dynamics and the  basics of special relativity. Along with a discussion of standard topics—Newton’s laws of motion, energy, linear  and angular momentum, rigid body dynamics, oscillations—modern topics like  symmetries, phase space, nonlinear dynamics and chaos have also been introduced.

Newton’s equation of motion is presented as a differential equation—this brings out  key issues like phase space and determinism in mechanical systems and helps introduce  modern research topics like chaos theory in a natural way. Key assumptions of  Newtonian mechanics have been highlighted and numerical solutions of many  mechanical systems using Matlab have been incorporated.