A Short Term QIP Sponsored Course on

Machining Dynamics

15-19 October 2018

About the workshop

Machine tool performance and productivity is fundamentally limited by machining process induced vibrations. When these vibrations become unstable, i.e. when the machine tool system chatters, the chatter vibrations can damage the workpiece, break the tool, damage the spindle and its bearing, and also damage the machine itself. To avoid such vibrations, machine tools are often operated conservatively, resulting in underutilization of such high-value assets by a factor of two or more. This underutilization results in huge economic losses to all industries that use machines to make products. To fully harness a machine's capacity it becomes imperative to employ technologies that enable better resource utilization. This workshop is geared towards introducing technologies that make possible higher utilization of machine tools.

The workshop will introduce the essentials of: machining process mechanics, machine tool dynamics, and of process-machine interactions to predict and avoid unstable chatter vibrations. These new ideas will enable participants to optimize their machining processes, and will also enable participants to design more productive high-performance machines and tools. Hands-on experimental testing of machine dynamics and chatter detection and avoidance will enable the participants to improve their understanding of this highly technical and non-intuitive field.

Engineering faculty, students, researchers in R&D labs along with personnel working in machine tool/cutting tool developer and user industries are the target audience. Learnings from this workshop will help faculty to motivate students to address challenges faced by the manufacturing enterprise. Learnings will also motivate practical solutions for some industrial problems.

Contact Information

For questions related to the registration please contact:
Mr. Somaskanda
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For questions related to the course please contact:
Dr. Mohit Law
+91 512-679-6897 (O);
+91 9717103329 (M)

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