Annual Meet


Logic and its Applications

October 17 - 19, 2014, Kolkata

Organized by


in collaboration with

Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research and Development (IBRAD)


IBRAD (Google map) (Zoomed-in map with Guest House Ashirbad Inn)

Prafulla Kanan

VIP Road, Kestopur

Kolkata- 700101


Mihir K. Chakraborty  ---

Sourav Tarafder  ---


 First order logicLogics and algebras
Speakers:Mihir K. Chakraborty Mohua Banerjee
 School of Cognitive Science
Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
IIT Kanpur
 Modal logic Epistemic logic and Philosophical issues
Speakers:Sujata Ghosh Ramesh Chandra Das
 Computer Science Unit
Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai
Retired Professor, Department of Philosophy
Utkal University
LecturesStudent Sessions
Md. Aquil Khan (IIT Indore): Logics for some dynamic spaces (Abstract)Bhargav Bhatt (IIT Kanpur): Dependence Logic
Arun Kumar (IIT Kanpur): Algebras of definable and rough sets in quasi order-based approximation spaces (Abstract)Md. Javed Hassan
N. Raja (TIFR, Mumbai)Purbita Jana (University of Calcutta): Categorical relationships of (fixed and variable basis) fuzzy topological systems on fuzzy sets with (fixed and variable basis) fuzzy topological spaces on fuzzy sets and underlying algebras
Abhisekh Sankaran (IIT Bombay): A generalization of the Łos-Tarski preservation theorem over classes of finite structures (Abstract)Anuj Kumar More (IIT Kanpur): Subobject Classifiers and Class of Morphisms
Maya Saran (Ashoka University, Rajiv Gandhi Education City): Sigma-ideals of compact sets: a conjecture (Abstract)Anirban Saha
 Sourav Tarafdar (St. Xaviers College, Kolkata)
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Accommodation/Travel Support

Calcutta Logic Circle, being an informal study and research group, is unable to provide travel and accommodation support, but, if requested, can try to book suitable accommodation in Kolkata for the participant.

Lunch and tea/coffee will be provided during the academic program.