CgS651A Logic and Cognitive Science   FCH    Slides: Introduction  Propositional Logic  Domains of reasoning-Experimental studies  Logical Systems

Designed and taught the following post-graduate (PG) electives and undergraduate (UG) compulsory courses at IIT Kanpur:

Modal Logic (PG-MTH701A)

Set Theories and Logics(PG-MTH677)

Proof Theory & Automated Deduction (PG-MTH609)

Model Theory (PG-MTH608)

Mathematical Logic (UG-MTH302A)

Theory of Computation (UG-MTH401)


Introduction to Profession (UG-MTH100) (designed jointly)


Also taught core UG course on Calculus (MTH101)

At ILC China:

 Designed and taught a summer course on Rough Set Theory