New results on Phtotochromic 2-D MOF-Nanosheets from Arindam and Vijay coming up soon in Cell Press: CHEM!

Prof. Moorthy has been elected as a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi!

Congratulations to Arindam on becoming a PhD graduate (Topic: Stimuli-Responsive Materials Based on Photochromic Diarylpyrans and Excited-State Properties of Precursor Coumarins). Good luck in Andrzej Rajca's Group, University of Nebraska!

Chetna received the 'Best Poster Award' at the IUCr conference (2017) held in Hyderabad, India!


IUCr Conference

IUCr Conference.
Left to right: Prof. Gautam Desiraju, Prof. Moorthy

ASCA Conference, 2015

Left to right: Prof. Kumar Biradha, Prof. Parthasarathi Dastidar, Prof. Moorthy, Chandrasekhar, Susovan, Dr. Savitha & Arindam

13th AsCA Conference at Science City, Kolkata.
Left to right: Chandrasekhar, Susovan, Prof. Moorthy & Arindam

Eurasia Conference 2014

13th Eurasia Conference at IISC Bangalore.
Left to right: Abhay, Prof. Moorthy, Prof. Junjappa, Arindam & Dr. Nagarajaiah

Visit of Prof. R. G. Wiess, 2014

Left to right: Himanshu, Keshab, Vijay, Ishita, Arindam, Saona, Prof. Richard G. Weiss, Prof. Moorthy, Krishna, Abhaya, Somesh, Sourav, Dr. Savitha, Alankriti & Mrs. Jeane Weiss

Left to right: Prof. Weiss, Arindam & Prof. Moorthy

Group Picture 2012

Left to right: Alankriti, Susovan, Arindam, Akshat, Prof. Moorthy, Chandrasekhar, Keshab, Abhay, Ishita & Saona

Diwali Celebration 2012

Left to right: Bunny, Krishna & Alankriti

Left to right: Krishna, Chandrasekhar, Abhay, Keshab, Ishita & Sagar