Dr. Mukesh Sharma, PhD, FNAE
Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chair Professor
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur, India

Position Held International Projects National Projects

Main areas of Research

Characterization of PM10; Formation of Secondary Particles, Source Apportion Study; Parameter Estimation; Particulate Emission Characterization from Diesel and Biodiesel exhausts; Effect of EGR on Emissions, Lubricating Oil and Wear in Engine;

Dietary Intake of Lead and Estimation of Blood Lead Levels using PBPK Model;, Cohort-based Acute Health Effect Study of PM10 and PM2.5;
Catalytic oxidation, Identification, Quantification and Characterization of Fugitive Road Dust; 
Numerical Air Quality Modeling in Complex Urban Environment; Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment due to Pesticides in Environment,  Biodegradability of Alkylphenol Ethoxylates; Theoretical and Experimental Modelling of Migration Pathways of  Sulphur Dioxide;

Nonlinear Environmental Models : Parameter Estimation from Censored Data,; Environmental Management System for Aging Coal-based Power Plants, Air Quality Modelling Software for Regulatory Applications, Development of Air Quality Index; Design of Air Quality Monitoring Network using Information Theory


Position Held within IIT Kanpur

Nature of Responsibilities
2012-14 IIT Kanpur Warden, SBRA Warden
2012-14 IIT Kanpur Senate Student’s Affairs Committee Member
2012-2014 IIT Kanpur Counselling Service Head
2012-2014 IITK Alumni Association (AA) IITK Alumni Association Treasurer, Board of Directors, AA
2012-13 IIT Kanpur Environmental Advisory Committee Chairman
2012-13 IIT Kanpur CDTE Advisory Committee Member
2012-2014 IIT Kanpur Institute Ethics Committee Member
2008-2011 IIT Kanpur Development of Environmental Centre at IIT Kanpur Coordinator, CESE
2007-08 EIA Authority, Govt of India Environmental Clearance of Projects Chairman
2005-06 IIT Kanpur Vice Chairman, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2006) Vice-Chairman
2012-2013 IIT Kanpur Senate Nomination Committee Member
2012 IIT Kanpur Senate Student’s Affairs Committee Member
  IIT Kanpur Senate Scholarship and Prize Committee Member
2009-2010 IIT Kanpur Techkriti Festival Chairman
2002-2003  2000-2001 IIT Kanpur Graduate admissions, seminars, student academic administration Convener, DPGC of EEM Program
1998-2001 IIT Kanpur In-charge of Running  Hostel of 400 persons   Warden In-charge, Hall V
1998-2001 IIT Kanpur Planning and Ensuring proper functioning of workshop In-charge Workshop, Civil Engineering


International Projects

Nature of Work
Amount of
2011 Procter and Gamble Cincinnati, USA Development of indoor air quality cleaning device US$ 13,500 -
2006-08 Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Environmental health assessment US$ 70,000  
2005-06 United Nations University , S. Korea Exposure assessment of lead emissions US$21,000 -
2005-2008 Black Smith, USA Groundwater Contamination Remediation Rs. 22,00,000 R.Srivastava (PI)
2004 – 05 Groupe Burgeap, Cedex, France Air Quality Monitoring in India Euro 22,380 -
2002-2005 NORAD, Oslo, Norway Indoor and air Exposure of PAHs and Fine Particulate to Women and Children US$200000  
2002-03 SIDA/AIT, Bangkok  Energy Efficient and Cleaner Technologies in Power Sector Rs. 7,87,750 Dr. S.C. Srivastava (PI)
1999-2002 Swedish International Development Agency, Stockholm Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Power Generation Rs. 13,64,886 Dr. S.C. Srivastava (PI)
19998 Conestoga Rovers and Associates, Waterloo, Canada Adoption of Canadian Technologies in India US$: 1600 -


National Projects as PI



Nature of Work

2013-2015 Govt of National Capital Delhi Source Apportionment Study of PM2.5 and PM10
2013-15 DST Hydrologic sensitivity to Cryosphere-Aerosol interaction in Mountain Processes
2013 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Remediation of Toxic Dump site
2012-14 Ministry of Environment, N. Delhi Development of VOC control Technology using TiO2
2012-15 UGC: Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative* International Program for Sustainable infrastructure Development
2011-12 Govt of Himacahal Pradesh, Simla Environmental Quality and Technological Options
2010-11 Central Pollution Control Board Cluster of Industry and Unmet Need of Combined ETP
2010-11 UP Pollution Control Board Delhi Operation and Maintenance of three air quality station
2008 IIT Bombay, Mumbai EC and OC Analysis and Interpretation in PM10.
2007 Envirotech New Delhi Air quality ISCST3 modelling in Oil Refinery
2006-09 Central Pollution Control Board Source-Apportionment Study in Kanpur
2005-08 Ministry of Environment and Forests Heavy metals through dietary and inhalation routes-risk characterization
2005-08 Ministry of Human Resources   Fine Particulate Formation In Atmosphere.
2005-06 Envirotech Centre, New Delhi Performance Evaluation Of  Pm10 Sampler
2004-07 Central Polln. Control Board, Delhi Review Of National Air Quality Standards  
2004-08 Central Polln. Control Board, Delhi Operation and Maintenance of Air Quality Station
2003-04 Central Polln. Control Board, Delhi Fugitive Emission in Cement Industry
2002-06 Ministry of Env., Govt. of India Health effects and Source-Receptor Modeling