Chief Engineer,
Computer Centre, IIT Kanpur


Contact Information :

    Office:  113 A,Computer Centre,
                 IIT, Kanpur - 208016
                 (Meeting Hours: 11 AM - 1 PM, 4 PM - 5 PM)

    Home:   672, IIT Kanpur - 208016 

    Phone:  +91-512-597371 (O)
                 +91-512-598347 (Res)



Areas of Interest :

       Network Design, Implementation, Management, Security and Performance Analysis; Python Web Development using Django Platform; Product and Application Testing; Applications of AI; Sustainability


Academic Achievements :

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1990 Electrical Engineering
M.Tech (Master of Technology) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1996 Telecom Networks


Work Experience :

Larsen and Turbo Trainee June 1990 - August 1990
Punjab Wireless Systems Ltd. Senior Engineer September 1990 - August 1992
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Research Engineer September 1992 - November 1998
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Principal Engineer   December 1998 - October 2014
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Chief Engineer   November 2014 -

About Myself :

I was born and brought up at IIT Kanpur. After completing my schooling at Central School, IIT Kanpur, I cleared JEE with an All India Rank of 80 and joined B.Tech in Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. I passed out in 1990 with a CPI of 9.7 and joined Larsen and Toubro as Trainee. Very soon got bored with Mumbai life style and shifted to Chandigarh to join Punjab Wireless. I worked there for 2 years in the area of Mobile Communication. I got experience in both design and production departments.

Then I decided that I will go for further studies, so I came back to IIT Kanpur in 1992. I joined as Research Engineer in Department of Electrical Engineering and joined M.Tech in Telecom Networks as a part time candidate. I completed my M.Tech in fall of 1995 with a CPI of 9.25. My M.Tech thesis was in the area of ATM.

IIT Kanpur was at that time gearing up to lay down a robust Local Area Network in the campus. I was identified as a resource person to carry this activity. I shifted to Computer Centre as Senior Engineer in 1998. Since then I am working in Computer Centre. I am the Network Administrator of IIT Kanpur and I have played an instrumental role in in designing and building one of the largest Campus Networks in the country.

Presently IIT Kanpur has a Campus Network with more than 25000 nodes serving more than 10000 users. I am incharge of Networks Group and with a team of ten young and energetic professionals, I manage and maintain the IITK Network and Network Services. Responsibilities of the Network Group include:

I have executed several Consultancy Projects.

Some of the Consultancy Projects I have completed are:

1.      Quality Check Of FTTH Accessories Under Ghartak Fiber Project  (2020-2022)

Validate and certify quality of the FTTH accessories and optical fiber cable purchased for installation in Ghartak Fiber Project through the Common Services Centers (CSCs) Network.

2.      Review of IT Processes of UPPCL  (2019-2020)

Conducted an audit of IT infrastructure and processes of UP Power Corporation.

3.      Audit of Equipment Deployed by CSC SPV  (2017-2018)

Conducted a technical audit of equipment deployed by Common Service Centers.

4.      Upgrade of country wide network of Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) for implementation of GST  (2015)

CBEC maintains a pan India network for online filing of indirect taxes. The network and associated computing resources were upgraded by the department to incorporate the GST implementation in the country.

5.      Audit of IPv6 Readiness in CWPRS  (2013)

Conducted audit of CWPRS for Migration to IPv6.

6.      Audit of IPv6 Readiness in CVC  (2012)

Conducted audit of Central Vigilance Commission for Migration to IPv6.

7.      Design and Implementation of IPv6 Traffic Generator, IPv6 Traffic Analyzer and IPv6-IPv4 Translator  (2011)

Developed IPv6 Traffic Generator, IPv6 Traffic Analyzer and IPv6-IPv4 Translator on Linux Platform. The tools were developed for use in training and testing.

8.      System Audit Of UP Stock Exchange Ltd  (2010, 2004 & 2002)

Conducted an IT system audit of UP Stock Exchange as per the guidelines of SEBI.

9.      IPv6 Implementation in TTSL Network  (2010)

Advised Tata Tele Services Limited on Migrating their entire Telecom Network to Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6.

10.    Enabling Wi-Fi In Hostel & Office Premises Of BIRD, Lucknow  (2010)

Helped Bankers’ Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow setup Wi-Fi in entire campus.

11.    IPv6 Based Intelligent Transport Management System Using BSNL Network  (2009)

Developed IPv6 based Transport Management System.

12.    Implementation of IPv6 and Multicast In BSNL NIB Network  (2008)

Advised BSNL in implementing IPv6 and Multicast in their National Internet Backbone.

13.    Design of Games Data network for Delhi 2010 Common Wealth Games  (2007-2008)

A Games Data Network was implemented to interconnect all the Games Venues, Games Head Quarters and Games Village of Delhi 2010 Common Wealth Games. This network was used to provide Games Time & Score Information, VoIP and Internet access.

14.    Design & Implementation of WAN Network for BSNL Kanpur SSA  (2004)

Advised BSNL Kanpur to establish Wide Area Network of Kanpur SSA comprising Kanpur City and Kanpur Dehat revenue districts for implementation of integrated software package comprising of Commercial, Fault Repair Services, Directory Enquiry and TR Billing & Accounting.

15.    Beta Testing of WLAN Access Point of Meru Networks Inc., USA  (2003)

Meru Networks Inc., CA, USA had designed and developed a Wireless LAN Access Point. I had gone to California for a period of one month to do QA testing of their Access Point.

16.    Blueprint for Software Development & Automation for ALIMCO Kanpur  (2002)

Prepared a Blue Print for Software Development and System Administration of MIS for ALIMCO, Kanpur.

17.    Design and Implementation of LAN for Subhash Institute of Technology, Kanpur  (2002)

Advised SIST in implementing a small LAN interconnecting its PC Labs and Offices.

18.    Design, Development and Customization of an ERP Package for MIGRA Computers  (2002)

Designed and developed an ERP package for internal use of MIGRA Computers.

19.    Network Design and Implementation of WAN for Dainik Jagran  (2001)

Dainik Jagran connected 25 publishing and printing centers in the country over a WAN using Leased Lines. The network provided data and voice (VoIP) connectivity between all the offices. The network was designed with alternate routers and ISDN and PSTN dial backup.

20.    Design and Implementation of Campus LAN for IIIT, Allahabad  (2001)

Advised IIIT, Allahabad in implementing a campus wide network of about 2000 nodes.

21.    Design and Implementation of Campus LAN of NBRI, Lucknow  (2000)

NBRI implemented a campus LAN with Fast Ethernet Fiber Optic backbone on Multimode Fiber and Internet connectivity using Leased Line from BSNL.

22.    Design and Implementation of LAN for UP Stock Exchange  (2000)

UP Stock Exchange implemented a 1000 node LAN providing connectivity to BOLT system in Bombay Stock Exchange over VSAT and leased line.

23.    Design and Implementation of LAN for Kanpur Institute of Technology, Kanpur  (2000)

KIT implemented a small LAN providing connectivity to Computer Labs and Offices.

I have been involved in the following Sponsored Projects Principal Investigator/Co- Principal Investigator.

Some of the Sponsored Projects I have completed are:

1. ERNET Project ERNET was a Project of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Govt. of India, to build an independent Network to connect and provide ISP Services to Educational Institutions all over India, for academic and research activities. IIT Kanpur represented one of the main active nodes (Point of Presence) of ERNET in north zone of India. It was entrusted with the task of networking academic institutions in the northern states, especially Uttar Pradesh. The project was centrally coordinated by ERNET, India at New Delhi and was operational for 15 years. IIT Kanpur PoP provided and managed 2 Mbps Leased Line Connectivity to 13 Universities and Colleges in U.P.

2. IPv6 Project This project was jointly executed by ERNET and IIT Kanpur. It embarks on a prestigious initiative to implement IPV6 on the ERNET Backbone for the first time in India. The project was funded by Department of Information Technology (DIT), Govt. of India. Under this project, the ERNET backbone was upgraded to support IPv6. The upgradation involved upgrading the existing network equipment like routers (backbone & RAS) and servers. IPv6 Servers were installed at 9 POPs of ERNET. Mail, Web, DNS and Multicast applications were tested on IPv6. A workshop on IPv6 was also organized at IIT Kanpur. It was attended by more than 75 participants from academia and industry.

3. BITCOE IPv6 Project This project was jointly executed by BSNL and IIT Kanpur. It embarked on a prestigious initiative to implement IPV6 in the BSNL NIB Network. The project was funded by BSNL under BITCOE (BSNL IITK Telecom Centre of Excellence). Under this project, the BSNL NIB Network was to be upgraded to support IPv6. The upgradation involved upgrading the existing network and access equipment like Routers (Backbone & RAS), Mobile and Landline Exchanges and Servers.

Resources :

Network Course

Linux Course

IPv6 Course