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Niraj Sinha

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur, UP, India, 208016
Email: nsinha[at]iitk.ac.in

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Before joining IIT Kanpur, I was working as an Assistant Professor at IIT Mandi. I did my Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, M.Sc. from the University of Saskatchewan, and my B.Tech. from National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology, Ranchi. I have also worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA (2008-2010) and as a research associate at Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada (2010-2011).



Research Interests

Additive manufacturing, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology.

Selected Publications



I have been involved with teaching as instructor and tutor at IIT Kanpur and IIT Mandi.

IIT Kanpur
TA202 (Introduction to Manufacturing Processes), ME461 (Manufacturing Systems), ME701 (Design for Manufacture and Assembly), ME670 (Additive Manufacturing), ME661 (Machining Science I)

IIT Mandi
IC141 (Product Realization Technology), ME308 (Manufacturing Engineering), ME351 (Management of Manufacturing and Logistics Systems)

I have also completed a two term course “Introduction to University Teaching” offered by Gwenna Moss Teaching and Learning Centre at University of Saskatchewan.


Awards and Scholarships


Postdoctoral Fellow

1. Dr. Anuj Kumar
2. Dr. Reshma Sao [Jointly with Dr. R. Vaish] at IIT Mandi

PhD Students

1. Raghubir Singh Bangari
2. Ashish Tiwari
3. Ajay Bhandari
4. Kartikeya Dixit
5. Pankaj Singh Chauhan [Jointly with Dr. S. Bhattacharya]

Masters Students

1. Sachin Garg (Completed)
2. Priya Gupta [Jointly with Dr. Arvind Kumar] (Completed)
3. Ashish Mishra [Jointly with Dr. Arvind Kumar] (Completed)
4. Navneet Singh (Completed)
5. Vivek Chawda (Completed)
6. Himanshu Gautam (Completed)
7. Jayant Raj Saurav [Jointly with Dr. S. Bhattacharya] (Completed)
8. Himanshu Singh [Jointly with Dr. S. Bhattacharya] (Completed)
9. Kulwant Singh [Jointly with Dr. K.P. Patil] (Completed)
10. Sangram Keshari Sahoo (Completed)
11. Nishant Agarwal (Completed)
12. Praphulla Pal Singh (Completed)
13. Saswat Kumar Panda (Completed)
14. Varun Kathpalia
15. B. Sai Bharat Kumar (Completed)
16. Yashwant Kumar Nama
17. Somesh Patel
18. Arpit Verma [Jointly with Dr. P. Wahi]
19. Abhishek Shrivastav
20. Rahul Singh Kushwaha
21. Rahul Verma
22. Ram Kishor
23. Saurabh Prajapati
24. Vijay Kumar Saini
25. Satyendra Das
26. Brij Mohan Bharti

Undergraduate Students (B.Tech. project)

1. Aayush Dwivedi (2017-2018) 2. Utkarsh Goel (2017-2018) 3. Arpit Mudgal (2017-2018) 4. Alok Kumar (2017-2018) 5. Mannem Sri Krishna (2017-2018) 6. Mohammad Ashraf (2017-2018)

1. Harsh Khoont (2016-2017) 2. Akshay Donthi (2016-2017) 3. Abhishek Verma (2016-2017) 4. Kundan Kumar (2016-2017) 5. Jaiprakash Kumawat (2016-2017) 6. Bipin Kumar Gond (2016-2017) 7. Udit Patel (2015-2016) 8. Shahnawaz Ahmad (2015-2016) 9. D S Prajapati (2015-2016) 10. Gajendra Singh (2015-2016) 11. Brajesh Singh (2015-2016) 12. Anuj Sharma (2015-2016) 13. Shivam Agarwal (2015-2016) 14. Gaurav Gupta (2015-2016) 15. Ganeshwar Mardi (2015-2016) 16. Inderveer Singh (2014-2015) 17. Shubham Singh (2014-2015) 18. Philip Jose (2014-2015) 19. Gagan Agrawal (2014-2015) 20. Chennuru Gowtham Swarup Reddy (2014-2015) 21. Sangh Priy (2014-2015) 22. Arvind Singh Rathore (2014-2015) 23. Bhawar Sumeet Ashok (2014-2015) 24. Saurabh Pal (2014-2015) 25. Saurabh Jain (2012-2013) at IIT Mandi 26. Uday Mittal (2012-2013) at IIT Mandi 27. Dhruv Parmar (2012-2013) at IIT Mandi 28. Manish Shankaram (2012-2013) at IIT Mandi
Some of these students have been supervised jointly with Dr. Pankaj Wahi and Dr. Anupam Saxena.


Working with me

I am always looking for exceptional graduate and undergraduate students who have the potential to excel. A successful student in this area must have a solid background in mathematics and engineering. Good communication skills and any previous research experience are a plus, but not mandatory.

Following are the research projects I am currently interested in.

Research Projects

A. Additive manufacturing;

B. Design and analysis of biomedical devices and implants;

C. Application of nanotechnology in healthcare;

D. Development of biosenors for detection of heavy metals in drinking water;

E. Nanomaterials based solutions for water treatment



A. The B.Tech. project of Gajendra Singh Meena, Anuj Sharma and Brajesh Singh wins Jayesh Memorial Award'16. Congratulations to the team for their effort!

B. The B.Tech. project of Inderveer Singh, Shubham Singh and Philip Jose wins Jayesh Memorial Award'15, Shri Binay Kumar Sinha Memorial award and Proficiency Medal for the best B.Tech. Project in the 48th convocation for designing a low cost above knee prosthetic limb. Congratulations to the team for their effort!




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2nd International and 17th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms (INaNCoMM-15)


Science ; Nature ; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS); Nature Nanotechnology; Nano Letters; Langmuir; IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology; IEEE Transactions on NanoBioScience; IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering; Nanotechnology; Applied Physics Letters; Physical Review Letters; Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience


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