Research Interest

Key Milestone

We have initiated our journey in the direction to smoothen the way to secure the identity of our precious life. And to accomplish this goal we have united together to strengthen the security system in this unified world. Endeavors are in the direction to make the world a better place to live in without any fear of trespassing or security violation.

Our main focus is on the problem of betrayal on national and international level. On the national level, the problem can be hacking of password and accessing other's pin number etc, on the other hand, on the international level, beefing the security to avoid the intruders in the country is quite challenging. We therefore feel that there is a scope that biometrics can be an emerging field in which the person can be authenticated on the basis of individual behavioral and psychological characteristics.

Digital Image processing provides a base to our work and the efforts are on the verge to develop a Multimodal Biometrics System in which we are concentrating on unique characteristics of various traits such as Face, Iris, Signature, Fingerprint and Ear to verify/identify the person's authenticity.

We are continuously doing research work to develop novel systems for the different levels of security.