Travel to Kanpur

Special taxi between IITK and Kanpur Central railway station will be provided on 17th November 2002 from afternoon (1.00 pm) to midnight and on 22th November 2002 from afternoon (after lunch) to midnight, for the conference participants. Those who plan to travel by air may land at Lucknow airport and avail a taxi to Kanpur which is around 80 kms away. The conference organizers will arrange a pickup from the airport if you let them know about your arrival plans.

The taxi driver will look for you on the side of the platform number 1 at the station. Please exit from this side and look for the pick up service from IITK.

Located alongside the Grand Trunk Road (Calcutta to New Delhi) IIT Kanpur is nearly
16kms away from the Kanpur central railway station. Being located on the national corridor of railways the city of Kanpur is well connected with the rest of India by rail services.

Following are some of the important trains to Kanpur:

Links with North India:

Shatabdi Exp. to Lucknow, Gomti Exp., Prayagraj Exp., Sangam Exp., Link Exp., Hatia-Pathankot (Tata-Moori) Exp., Barauni Exp., Marudhar Exp., Howrah-Jodhpur Exp., Patna Rajdhani, Magadh Exp., and Chitrakut Exp..

Links with Eastern India:

Howrah Rajdhani (1&2) Sealdah Rajdhani, Guwahati Rajdhani, Bhubaneswar Rajdhani, Hatia Rajdhani (to Jharkhand), North East Exp., Brahmaputra Mail, Purusottam Exp., Neelachal Exp., Puri-New Delhi Superfast, Swarnajayanti Jharkhand Exp., Poorva Exp., Howrah-Kalka exp., and Toofan Mail.

Links with Western India:

Puspak Exp., Kushinagar Exp., Avadh Exp. and Sabarmati Exp..

Links with Southern India:

Rapti Sagar Exp., Lucknow-Madras Exp., Kochin-Gorakhpur Exp., Gorakhpur-Bglr Exp. and Gorakhpur-Secunderabad Exp.. Otherwise participants coming from southern states may travel by other super fast trains till Jhansi and take a connecting train to Kanpur Central.

For Foreign visitors-

You may take a flight to New Delhi/Calcutta/Bombay and then a flight to Lucknow. From Lucknow taxi takes about 2 hours to reach Kanpur. Please inform Dr. Pankaj Jain if you need to make reservation for a taxi from Lucknow. Alternatively you may take a train from Delhi. If you need assistance with train reservation please contact Dr. Pankaj Jain.