Journal of The Indian Society of 
Remote Sensing
Vol. 30  No. 4, December 2002

T. Chandramohan and Dilip G. Durbude Estimation of Soil Erosion Potential Using Universal Soil Loss Equation 181-190
V.M. Kandala and Prajneshu Fuzzy Regression Methodology for Crop Yield Forecasting Using Remotely Sensed Data 191-196
C.V. Srinivas, A.K. Maji, G.P. Obi Reddy and G.R. Chary Assessment of Soil Erosion Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Nagpur District, Maharashtra for Prioritization and delineation of Conservation Zones 197-212
 G.D. Bairagi and Zia-ul Hassan Wheat Crop Production Estimation Using Satellite Data 213-220
Anil V. Kulkarni, S.S. Randhawa, B.P. Rathore, I.M. Bahuguna and R.K. Sood Snow and Glacier Melt Runoff Model To Estimate Hydropower Potential 221-228
Shakil A. Romshoo, Masahiro Koike, Sadayuki Hironaka, Taikan Oki and Katumi Musiake Influence of Surface and Vegetation Characteristics on C-band Radar Measurements for Soil Moisture Content 229-244
N. Chrysoulakis Energy in the Urban Environment: Use of Terra/ASTER Imagery as a Tool in Urban Planning 245-254

Short Note
Saiff Ud Din Augmenting drinking Water Supply in Delhi 255-260
 2 Usha Nateshan & E. S. M. Suresh Site Suitability Evaluation For Locating Sanitary Landfilling Using GIS 261-264

Book Review

Bharat Lohani, PhD,Institute of Technology , Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi- 221005

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